31 December 2006

Dear diary,
Italy was really pretty but I guess not for me.
A lot of the people came off as kind of selfish
snobs. They were all a bunch of rude budgers.
I hated it. I mean yeah, frescos and gorgeous
chapels, and even the one synagogue in Florence
were well worth it, but I just felt generally dis-
liked by a majority of the people I met there.
Mari and I were debating whether it's just the
culture there, or because we're Americans. I'm
not really sure, but either way, I hated being
pushed around by people there. It really made
me feel sad.

I did get some great photos, I guess. But I still
feel disappointed. Check this out, polaroid film
gets ruined going through security, so I had to
buy it there. And the only store we found it at
sold me a box of Spectra film for 36 Euros. That's
about 50 American dollars. That's the type of stuff
I'm talking about. How easy it is to be gipped.

Or like when we went to Rome and it was touristy,
but not bad or anything. There was this guy in an
Iraq military uniform who had a black briefcase,
and he got on our tourist bus, and Mari and I
freaked out, because what is a guy in a uniform
like that doing with a briefcase on a tourist bus in
Rome by himself. Scenes from "Battle Of The Algiers"
started going through my head, and Mari and I
begged Mom and Dad to let us get off the bus.
I felt like a jerk for jumping to conclusions
about the guy, but whatever, I guess I was raised
to be alert of things like that.

Anyways, Rome wasn't bad, well it was in the end.
We got on the train to go back to Florence, and then
these two ladies plucked my Mom off of our group
on the train and distracted her while they unzipped
her purse and took her wallet. Luckily, she made a
commotion of it, and got her wallet back. The ladies
ran away before we could get the police in on it, but
we were just totally freaked out.

I hate to be so down about the thing, but I guess I
didn't have the amazing experience I really wanted
to have. And now it's New Years Eve. My least favorite
"holiday" next to Halloween and Christmas. I always
get so depressed tonight. It's just the last day of the
year. Big deal. I don't want to go out, so sue me. I
just want to go to bed when I'm tired. I want to take
baths. I need to pack for school on Tuesday.

I guess now is a good time for pictures. 

 I'll post more every day. The first four are from Florence, the last three are from Volterra.

24 December 2006

My dad just read my last entry and it really upset him, which is kind of silly
because he knew I was upset to begin with, and that I'm feeling better today.
It's kind of actually really silly.
Anyways, today we went to Volterra, which reminded me of Disneyland or
that town in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". It was pretty and charming and cute
and all the stuff. Mari hasn't been feeling well, so she went to the car to
lay down.
After Volterra we went to Pisa, and I, along with everyone in my family,
climbed to the top of The Leaning Tower. Suck on that. It was actually
totally scary up there, but the sunset we saw calmed my nerves a bit.
It was unreal that we were actually in it, you know? I mean you've heard
the name, seen pictures, read about it, but to actually climb the narrow
stairwell to the top, stopping every landing you can just to catch your breath,
and then finally reaching the top and seeing the mountains, the hills, the
colorful rooftops, Pisa, it was unreal.
We walked around the area a bit, and then got back in the rental car to
go to the hotel. I am in total awe of my parents being able to navigate in a
country where we don't speak the language, and in a car they've never
driven (not to mention it's a stick shift, oi vei).
All in all, today was much better. Thanks for the email Olivia, it cheered me up.
I have so much packing to do when I get home. I probably won't get to hang
out with anyone when I'm back, but I'll try, I promise.

23 December 2006

Honestly, I'm not really enjoying my stay in Italy. I don't know if it's the language barrier, the inconveniences, or the way my family acts, but this has not been fun at all. To begin with, the flight was awful. 10 hours, which I didn't mind the length, except I was in a middle seat in the middle section, next to my father (who takes up a lot of room), and a guy who kept sneezing and coughing, which has resulted in my sneezing and coughing. When we finally got to Milan, we had about 45 minutes to connect to our flight, and these Italian people kept cutting in line "Mi scuzi, mi scuzi" they said, which really translated to, I'm a budger. We got to our connecting flight to Florence, which wasn't bad at all, but upon arriving, all but one of our pieces of luggage was M.I.A. We calmly gave the people at the baggage claim our hotel information, and were told we'd most likely have it by night fall. Two bags just arrived right now, which means we're still missing two of our bags, and no one knows where they are. I've been wearing the same clothes going on 2 and a half days. Thank goodness my luggage was one of the two arrived.
Our first meal here was really delicious, but I can't help but gape at the prices of everything on every menu I've seen. And that's in Euros, not American dollars. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a whiner, who's tired, and a little sick of the effed up family dynamic I happen to be experiencing. The hotel is nice, though it costs 14 Euros to use the internet a day, which drives me up the wall, like come on, it's only internet.
We went to The Uffizi earlier today, and it was totally enchanting, but at the same time, I was sort of annoyed at the way that we had to rush through the museum. I know that the art will pretty much always be there, and maybe one day I can come back, but I'm here now, and I want to enjoy my art.
We got into a family fight at a restaurant after The Uffizi, and it was just an awful lunch period. 12 Euros for a caprese salad and 9 Euros for a pasta dish. That's basically so much money for like no food. I don't understand it. I feel guilty putting food in my mouth here, and that's not right.
We were scheduled to go to The Acadamia after lunch, but I took a pass. I don't need to see The David, it's not that great anyways.
Write me emails, please. I beg of you.
I miss you all dearly.
I hope to see you soon.
Love always,

20 December 2006

I'm home now.
I'm happy now.
I'm watching "Rome" now (so I know what Clay is talking about when we talks about Roman history).
I go to Italia tomorrow.
I eat good food, drink good wine, and buy European candies for 8 days.

I bought some good records lately:
Bright Eyes: Lifted Or The Story In The Soil
Gogol Bordello: Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike
Neutral Milk Hotel: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Neutral Milk Hotel: On Avery Island
Ratatat: Classics
In addition to a Chuck Barry record, Blondie record, Edith Piaf record, and two Mum records.
I hit the jackpot as far as record shopping goes, thus far.

All I need is my record player yay!

P.S. I am in love with chocolate.
It's all I eat anymore.
And that's OK.

16 December 2006

 'Sup guys, I'm in KY right now.
Anyone interested n' chillin' hit
us up with a fone call right quick.

15 December 2006

Sandy finish packing and getting ready.
OK SANDY whatever you say.

13 December 2006

Ok seriously, I need to get out more.

So yesterday was actually pretty not bad. I made a ton of progress
on my bedroom cleaning/feng shui project, but I'm still not done. I
still need to get rid of more stuff. Last night I went out to Gulliver's
with Kati, and we talked up a storm, eating their delicious thin pan
pizza. It was really nice, and sort of our tradition. We went back to
my house and hung out and talked for a couple of hours, and then
when she left I did my normal routine of calling him. And I thought
"this will just be a normal conversation" until I suddenly flipped out
and went into crazy mode and said all of these things I totally regret
and now I'm even more freaked out about going to Kentucky.
I wish I was here:

The next few days bode well for partnerships of all types with the Moon in your 7th House. If you have been waiting for the right moment to make overtures in a relationship setting, this may be it. Keep in mind, however, that there are deeper feelings stirring that will become more obvious soon enough. Don't push them away as they begin to surface.
Someone may direct their increasing intensity at you over the next several days, forcing you into a confrontation. It may make sense, however, to delay a necessary discussion for a day or two with the understanding that it cannot be avoided forever. You must put things back into a proper perspective. Once you break through your own fear of disclosure, life can change for the better.

Love Compatibility of Aries with Gemini
Airy Gemini makes your fire burn brighter, Aries. In fact, this may seem like a match made in heaven - and it might just be if you can keep your impulsive nature in check. You get bored easily, needing fresh, new experiences often. The problem is, while you're out there looking for excitement, your Gemini probably isn't sitting home and waiting around for you. When your search turns up nothing, and you finally return because you've realized your Gemini lover is all you need (and you probably will), they might just tell you they've found someone else.

11 December 2006

I got my classes for next term figured out, and I'm not unhappy with them!
Elementary Chinese in GDH (even though I hate the building, it's better than
The Bible In History in OLDMAIN (i.e. the really warm building where the Lincoln
Douglas debates were held. I.e. the best building on campus).
Ways Of Reading (a b.s. class in OLDMAIN with KATHY, my literature amigo as
she so wonderfully put it).
Kentucky in um 4 DAYS.
Can someone get me down right now?
I had this dream this morning that I was in my car, in the front passenger seat,
and a certain fucker from this summer was in the seat behind me, and he put his
hands on my shoulder, and I turned around and said "DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING
YOUR STUPID FUCKING LITTLE LOMO CAMERA" And then I got out of the car and
pulled him out of the car and there was a total smackdown.

I love absolutely validating realistic dreams.

09 December 2006

6 days.
I feel like you, Oki. Counting those days.
I watched Brokeback Mountain today, and it made me feel how The Notebook made me feel. I felt sad and like I needed Clay, and normally I recover quick knowing I have him, but this time I'm just in a stump because I'm so uncertain. But that's OK, because there's absolute room for possibility, isn't that exciting?
Today Mom and I went on a shopping expedition, and it was an absolute success. Though I didn't get good walking shoes for Italy, I got the coat of my dreams. It's Penguin and so Jackie O, it's undeniably cute, and totally marked down. I also got a navy blue turtle neck, and a grey knitted Free People dress, in addition to a Le Tigre tee. I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm going to be the most stylish girl in Italy/Kentucky, seriously.
I want it to be next Friday already, gosh.
I miss Manhattan.
I miss Kathy.


08 December 2006

I see him in a week. As in, I see him in seven days. I'm excited.
I go to Italy soon too. Excited couldn't even describe how I feel,
which is funny, because I keep acting like I don't care, when really
I can't wait for fresh food, stalls of fruits, wine and olives, rich history
and art, mopeds, I'll stop there. I wish I was in New York right now.
Chicago just isn't the same for me. It's colder, and much smaller. The
food doesn't taste as great, and lately, I don't even feel like leaving
the house. I just read, sew my zine, and watch Sex And The City.
It's kind of pathetic actually. I cry a lot too. But I can't help it. I feel
so romantic and I have no one to really share it with. I want to take him
to this spot in Morningside Heights that overlooks Harlem. Everything was
so calm and still from this spot, yet you could still feel the motion and
life in the air. I want to take everyone there. And just stand there, frozen
in space and time. Even our breath would stop just for a moment.


07 December 2006

Today is going to be wonderful. Yesterday was wonderful.
I got my first two favorite records (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK). I photocopied my zine (in color oh boy!), and I need to send it out. I am also planning on leaving one in The Knox College Library in addition to a Chicago Public Library (see what happens). I saw Jason And The Argonauts yesterday at Lookingglass, and man, Mary Zimmerman, like how does she do it? She's brilliant. The images and tableaus she imagines are so simple, yet like none other.
Today, Dad and I are meeting Grandma for lunch, and then we're going swimming at EBC. We're also making dinner for Mom and Ben, food from Italy (go figure).
I need to do more things.
Much love yo.
P.S. I had a dream about YMCA camp, Esther and Damon, Clay, family, and this little Mexican boy. We were on some cruise near Hawaii. There was a Texas Roadhouse on board the ship.

oh p.s. i know this is kind of lame, but i got my grades back for first semester at college.
i got an A+ in chinese. i didn't know they gave +'s at college.
i got a B in lit (whatever, i didn't turn in an entire paper) and a B in precep (whatever i ended the last class by telling everyone that i am pretty much the most important person they will ever meet in their entire life, so they can thank me for that)

piece auf.
oh oh oh did anyone watch top chef last night??? i missed it. who's out!?

05 December 2006

I started my first ever zine today. It feels good tying things together and letting people know how I feel, not to mention photocopier/scanner and I go way back. I've just been watching episodes of "Six Feet Under" and writing in my moleskine and eating (barely). I do enjoy this Eggers book. He is so smart, it's brilliant. And he is sad. It's a sad story you know? Dad and I are hanging curtains. And a light fixture. I need to get rid rid rid of things still. You know?

Where am I going with this?

03 December 2006

These pictures are from last Saturday and Sunday. I narrowed them down a bit. Saturday we flew there really early, and as soon as we got there, we dropped our bags and walked from our hotel at Broadway and 76, to Times Square. We got sushi at Haru, and it was delightful. Later that afternoon/night we met up with Stir and Damon, and went to Westville for dinner (top notch choice yo). Shopping and walking and drinking egg creams with them is great.
Sunday wasn't bad either. Dad and I walked from out hotel the opposite direction, this time ending up at 106th and Amsterdam. We stopped at Zabar's and this other deli called Murray's. It was delicious. Basically we just walked and ate really good food.

01 December 2006

Man today was totally insane. I actually LOVED getting my wisdom teeth out. Check it, I walk in (late because of the mad snow), and they take me in the room. And I'm joking with the doc, saying "Put the IV in my right arm, I got good veins there", but he winds up putting it in my left hand and I'm out cold. I wake up in this room, with my hat and scarf and sweater on, and gauze in my mouth. I'm giddy and I tell my mom I feel drunk, and I'm all [gauzy] smiles. I pick up this book called "Fat Little Gretchen" and I try and put it in my purse for Kathy (Gretchen is chubby and lives on her floor), but mom stops me. Hahaha I steal when I'm on drugs. I took about 20 pictures of myself, mom thought I was a total riot. And then I fell asleep and woke up in my bed in pain. THX GONE TEETH. I cried for at least an hour until the Vicadin kicked in then I was out yo.
I miss New York, but these pictures have character dude.


30 November 2006

so like my flight got cancelled but dad is trying to get us on a flight. wtf dad.

28 November 2006

Yesterday was so good, although I didn't see Dolce or Gabbana. Dad and I went to Circle Line and took a three hour boat tour of Manhattan (which means hill island or something like that in Algonquan). It was really neat and windy, and I saw Ellis Island, as in where Great Grandma Guttman came when she came to America. We also saw The Statue of Liberty, but that wasn't a highlite of the tour for me. It was neat and all, you know. I liked learned about the water tanks on all of the buildings because of the fire in 1830.

After the tour, we went to Carnegie Deli, and I ordered a sandwich called "The Woody Allen" and it was like 8 pounds of corned beef and pastrami, and I took two bites and got sick to my stomache. We had to go back to the hotel so I could lie down!

When I woke up we went to The Village Vanguard to see the Monday Night Big Band play, and let me say, as a kid who knows a thing or two of second hand knowledge about jazz, it was really outstanding. We stayed for two sets, and Dad and I were blown away. He likes jazz a lot. He makes me like jazz.

After the set, I picked out this restaurant right near SoHo called Arturo's because it was open late and has good pizza (thx Zagat's). Well not only was it delicious, it was cute, jazzy, homey, and get this, it had a CAT (Kathy!!). Our waiter got up and sang jazz with the band and some other singers while our pizza was cooking, HOW COOL.


26 November 2006

Last night was splendid! Thanks Esther and Damon!
I really really really love it here. Why haven't I been
here before? Why am I not here all the time? This
is ridiculous. What am I doing in Galesburg?!?!?!
I'll stick it out for a year, but oh my goodness, there's
so much to see all over the place. Not to mention you
don't need a car and the MTA kicks the CTA's ass.
Seriously, I adore it here.

25 November 2006

Hey guys! I'm in New York!

23 November 2006

I wish Kathy was downstairs so I could go to her room and smell nag champa and she could make me feel better. But for now, I'll just read and listen to Mum. Dinner was good, today was ok. New York on Saturday. When I get back, my wisdom teeth are coming out. Everything is so dull. I just want jugs of Carlo Rosi Kathy Greta and beer pong with the double daters.


20 November 2006

Today I woke up. It was my first Monday in Chicago. I felt lonely, but Ben stayed home from school. I got a cavity filled. All by myself! In case you didn't know, ever since I was little, I was always scared of the dentist. But when I was in 8th grade, we got a super dentist. He has the same birthday as Mom (tomorrow), and he's bff with my Papi. We went to his house in Wisconsin once. And his son's Bar Mitzvah. Basically, I love my dentist. His sister's name is Sandy too. And I adore him and his wife Linda, and I want to marry one of his sons. The end. I really like "Slaughterhouse 5". It's accomplishing things "The Time Traveler's Wife" was trying to do, but failed at.
I love dishwashers.

11:09 edit:
I missed him!

19 November 2006

New York in a week.
New Lady Sovereign is so good.
New Christopher Guest movie was wonderful.
I'm still unpacking. Talk about massive project.
I miss Kathy with a passion.
Who's up for winter break? Me.

18 November 2006

So I was looking at facebook and it seems that a lot of the kids I really love to be around from my highschool have pictures posted by this guy that gives me the total creeps which then leads me to the next point: If I hang out with them and he surfaces I don't even know what I'll do.
I hate him.
I wish he never existed.
He's the worst person I've ever met.

In other news:
I miss Knox terribly.
I might be back after this long break.
I'll keep you guys posted.

16 November 2006

 I feel really sick right now. Like car sick or something.
I come home today and I feel really overwhelmed.
I have to finish packing, and clean my dishes, and
get the transcript requests to the registrar, and all
that jazz.
Last night was so weird. Dinner was only served in
the Oak Room, and the deans were cutting up turkey
and ham and putting it on our plates. It was "Thanks-
giving dinner" and it was weird. There was lots of
eggnog though.
After dinner I watched ANTM and JAEDA IS GONE.
It's about damn time. Why was Caridee in the bottom
two? She's the best one in the bunch right now. I
think some twins are going home next week, what
do you guys think?
After ANTM Fingerman made me play quarters with
Sarah, Zach, and Brooks. Let's just say I suck at
quarters and leave it at that.
I need to stop taking things that aren't mine. It's
really out of control at this point.


14 November 2006

I'm really digging this idea of getting a record player. I found one I absolutely adore online for a decent price and get this: it has a cd player, radio, tape player, with a recorder in the tape deck, so I could make mixtapes oldschool style. It's wood, and new. It's made by a company that makes vintage revival products like "old telephones" and "old record players".
I've already made a list of records I'd like to get on vinyl. Now all I need to do is follow through with this, and get a record player, hopefully for Chanukah. I should probably talk to Mom and Dad about this.
Anyways, I had my paper conference with Regiacorte, and he really liked my first draft. I just need to finish the final draft of it and turn it in before I leave on Thursday. Then I'm done. I might have to do a second draft of my F.P. paper, but that's tentative at this point in time.
New York in 10 days.
Kentucky in 31 days.
Home in 2 days.

I'm going to sit by the fire and read my little heart out for the whole time. Kathy lent me her copy of "Cannery Row", and she's letting me write in it and take notes in it.

 P.S. This is the one for me:

12 November 2006

College was really great last night.
It smelled of honeysuckle and the chill
frosted all the cars over. Falling off of
beds and the smell of spilt beer will always
make me smile and I will never ever tell
that story about the time I shat my pants
in Mexico ever again, I SWEAR. It was just
one of those "You had to be there" nights.

And now for yesterdays much widdled down photo-safari from SMAC,
Seymour, and anywhere else that we could get into.
I love Kathy because when I wore a bracelet that said
"dearbrighteyesiloveyou" as a sophomore, she was wearing
a bracelet that said "mattskibainmypants".
We are meant to be, seriously.


09 November 2006

I'm sitting on Kathy's bed right now and it sounds like it's raining but I can't tell if it is or not. We walked into the cafeteria today with saran wrap and plastic baggies to make sandwiches with sweet onion dressing and she got fries and veggies. We took our food outside, after she stole a fork, and we got cream sodas and I got Munchos. We sat on the soccer field in the shade of a big tree and ate and talked about all of the things girls talk about. We had a "photo-safari", as she liked to call it, and this one guy told her he "ain't never seen a girl wear no moccasins befo'". It was a splendidly warm afternoon and I mailed a few letters. I need to write my F.P. paper, I have about a third of it done. Then I need to write a paper for english this weekend, egads! Then comes the easy easy Chinese final. One week till I'm home.

 (Kathy's legs are behind me and I smile when I'm with her)