31 October 2006

So my cell phone was in my garbage can all along. Never put your phone on silent and then drop it in your garbage can on accident. That's my advice to all of you.

So I bought all of this kitchenware at the beginning of the year, including an entire pot set and a really nice Kitchen Aide knife. I put my stuff in the cabinets in the laundry room/kitchen in the basement, with locks on the to doors so no one would take my stuff, or touch it. Well some jerk unscrewed the latches and took my stuff, including my entire container of laundry detergent. They left the cabinet door open, and my empty laundry container out in the open. They suck, and I'm really pissed.

Not a whole lot of people dressed up today. Team Zissou was a bust because I didn't see any of the other kids dressed up, and I was totally left out/forgotten. Cool right?

Overall, crummy day, but I painted some more pictures, which is my favorite thing now. 


30 October 2006

Things that aren't cool about today:
I lost my cell phone.
Everyone is on my nerves that goes here.
Classes were pointless (again).
Power outage overnight = cheese in fridge gone bad.
Being in this town.
Not being with my real friends.
Dark by 6:30 P.M.

Things that are cool about today:
The weather, low 70's, nice right?
TAL podcast of Saturday's show.
Eating lunch alone with my TAL podcast.
Kathys? letter.
Madelyn's letter.
Drawing in my Moleskine.
Laughing to things by myself.
Vintage books cheap from library.

Speaking of Kathy?, here's a picture I made of her.

29 October 2006

Mama bought me a watercolor Moleskine and some watercolors. We went to the Dick Blick Outlet store not too far from campus, and I got markers too. I love making pictures. I feel the happiest when I just make pictures that mean things to me, and maybe nothing to everyone else.

Things seem unusual.
I needed a change of scenery, literally, and figuratively.
I also didn't like knowing kids from the school I currently attend read my other journal.
So here's to new starts, knamean?

If you're reading this, you matter to me.