30 November 2006

so like my flight got cancelled but dad is trying to get us on a flight. wtf dad.

28 November 2006

Yesterday was so good, although I didn't see Dolce or Gabbana. Dad and I went to Circle Line and took a three hour boat tour of Manhattan (which means hill island or something like that in Algonquan). It was really neat and windy, and I saw Ellis Island, as in where Great Grandma Guttman came when she came to America. We also saw The Statue of Liberty, but that wasn't a highlite of the tour for me. It was neat and all, you know. I liked learned about the water tanks on all of the buildings because of the fire in 1830.

After the tour, we went to Carnegie Deli, and I ordered a sandwich called "The Woody Allen" and it was like 8 pounds of corned beef and pastrami, and I took two bites and got sick to my stomache. We had to go back to the hotel so I could lie down!

When I woke up we went to The Village Vanguard to see the Monday Night Big Band play, and let me say, as a kid who knows a thing or two of second hand knowledge about jazz, it was really outstanding. We stayed for two sets, and Dad and I were blown away. He likes jazz a lot. He makes me like jazz.

After the set, I picked out this restaurant right near SoHo called Arturo's because it was open late and has good pizza (thx Zagat's). Well not only was it delicious, it was cute, jazzy, homey, and get this, it had a CAT (Kathy!!). Our waiter got up and sang jazz with the band and some other singers while our pizza was cooking, HOW COOL.


26 November 2006

Last night was splendid! Thanks Esther and Damon!
I really really really love it here. Why haven't I been
here before? Why am I not here all the time? This
is ridiculous. What am I doing in Galesburg?!?!?!
I'll stick it out for a year, but oh my goodness, there's
so much to see all over the place. Not to mention you
don't need a car and the MTA kicks the CTA's ass.
Seriously, I adore it here.

25 November 2006

Hey guys! I'm in New York!

23 November 2006

I wish Kathy was downstairs so I could go to her room and smell nag champa and she could make me feel better. But for now, I'll just read and listen to Mum. Dinner was good, today was ok. New York on Saturday. When I get back, my wisdom teeth are coming out. Everything is so dull. I just want jugs of Carlo Rosi Kathy Greta and beer pong with the double daters.


20 November 2006

Today I woke up. It was my first Monday in Chicago. I felt lonely, but Ben stayed home from school. I got a cavity filled. All by myself! In case you didn't know, ever since I was little, I was always scared of the dentist. But when I was in 8th grade, we got a super dentist. He has the same birthday as Mom (tomorrow), and he's bff with my Papi. We went to his house in Wisconsin once. And his son's Bar Mitzvah. Basically, I love my dentist. His sister's name is Sandy too. And I adore him and his wife Linda, and I want to marry one of his sons. The end. I really like "Slaughterhouse 5". It's accomplishing things "The Time Traveler's Wife" was trying to do, but failed at.
I love dishwashers.

11:09 edit:
I missed him!

19 November 2006

New York in a week.
New Lady Sovereign is so good.
New Christopher Guest movie was wonderful.
I'm still unpacking. Talk about massive project.
I miss Kathy with a passion.
Who's up for winter break? Me.

18 November 2006

So I was looking at facebook and it seems that a lot of the kids I really love to be around from my highschool have pictures posted by this guy that gives me the total creeps which then leads me to the next point: If I hang out with them and he surfaces I don't even know what I'll do.
I hate him.
I wish he never existed.
He's the worst person I've ever met.

In other news:
I miss Knox terribly.
I might be back after this long break.
I'll keep you guys posted.

16 November 2006

 I feel really sick right now. Like car sick or something.
I come home today and I feel really overwhelmed.
I have to finish packing, and clean my dishes, and
get the transcript requests to the registrar, and all
that jazz.
Last night was so weird. Dinner was only served in
the Oak Room, and the deans were cutting up turkey
and ham and putting it on our plates. It was "Thanks-
giving dinner" and it was weird. There was lots of
eggnog though.
After dinner I watched ANTM and JAEDA IS GONE.
It's about damn time. Why was Caridee in the bottom
two? She's the best one in the bunch right now. I
think some twins are going home next week, what
do you guys think?
After ANTM Fingerman made me play quarters with
Sarah, Zach, and Brooks. Let's just say I suck at
quarters and leave it at that.
I need to stop taking things that aren't mine. It's
really out of control at this point.


14 November 2006

I'm really digging this idea of getting a record player. I found one I absolutely adore online for a decent price and get this: it has a cd player, radio, tape player, with a recorder in the tape deck, so I could make mixtapes oldschool style. It's wood, and new. It's made by a company that makes vintage revival products like "old telephones" and "old record players".
I've already made a list of records I'd like to get on vinyl. Now all I need to do is follow through with this, and get a record player, hopefully for Chanukah. I should probably talk to Mom and Dad about this.
Anyways, I had my paper conference with Regiacorte, and he really liked my first draft. I just need to finish the final draft of it and turn it in before I leave on Thursday. Then I'm done. I might have to do a second draft of my F.P. paper, but that's tentative at this point in time.
New York in 10 days.
Kentucky in 31 days.
Home in 2 days.

I'm going to sit by the fire and read my little heart out for the whole time. Kathy lent me her copy of "Cannery Row", and she's letting me write in it and take notes in it.

 P.S. This is the one for me:

12 November 2006

College was really great last night.
It smelled of honeysuckle and the chill
frosted all the cars over. Falling off of
beds and the smell of spilt beer will always
make me smile and I will never ever tell
that story about the time I shat my pants
in Mexico ever again, I SWEAR. It was just
one of those "You had to be there" nights.

And now for yesterdays much widdled down photo-safari from SMAC,
Seymour, and anywhere else that we could get into.
I love Kathy because when I wore a bracelet that said
"dearbrighteyesiloveyou" as a sophomore, she was wearing
a bracelet that said "mattskibainmypants".
We are meant to be, seriously.


09 November 2006

I'm sitting on Kathy's bed right now and it sounds like it's raining but I can't tell if it is or not. We walked into the cafeteria today with saran wrap and plastic baggies to make sandwiches with sweet onion dressing and she got fries and veggies. We took our food outside, after she stole a fork, and we got cream sodas and I got Munchos. We sat on the soccer field in the shade of a big tree and ate and talked about all of the things girls talk about. We had a "photo-safari", as she liked to call it, and this one guy told her he "ain't never seen a girl wear no moccasins befo'". It was a splendidly warm afternoon and I mailed a few letters. I need to write my F.P. paper, I have about a third of it done. Then I need to write a paper for english this weekend, egads! Then comes the easy easy Chinese final. One week till I'm home.

 (Kathy's legs are behind me and I smile when I'm with her)

08 November 2006

Yesterday/Today I'm not sure which was really great. I got enough sleep, enough to eat, it was 73 degrees, my Chinese teacher took us out for lunch, I played frisbee in the soccer field at 11 P.M., I feel good. This has been the best few days in such a long time. I'm happy.

07 November 2006

Things I really like lately:
P.S. Kathy is a part of all of the pictures, but not explicitely in them. Basically she is the things I like, so there.

06 November 2006

New TAL is really really sad, but really really necessary. I just wish that everyone listened to the show. I know that we would all be better people if we tuned in every week, right Oki?

Last night was rock bottom. I'm never going to get that low ever again. Ashley sent me this incredible letter about finding the good and the happy in everyone, and not focusing on the unhappiness. In the end, she says I'll be better for it. An old friend once told me that everyone is beautiful and everyone is perfect, you just have to see it. Another old friend told me that if you don't remember something in 10 years, it's probably not worth getting upset about. I wrote a song two years ago called "Don't Dwell", about not dwelling on the past. Maybe if I took our advice, I wouldn't be so down in the dumps.

I do know that Knox isn't it for me, and that I can be happier at another place. I'm looking at Cornell College, because Ashley seems to be having the experience that I'm looking for in a college. I could see myself really enjoying their curriculum, in addition to seeing that girl a lot more. It's not a cop out, it's just an idea.

I'm coming home in 10 days, which means that I have a lot of work between now and then. But I firmly believe I'll get it done to the best of my abilities.

To all my pen pals, if you want to write me, write me at my home address. If you don't have it, I'll get it to you a.s.a.p. No more mail to Knox College.

04 November 2006

Sitting in Kathy's room talking about everything from Bonnaroo to Modern Art Le Tigre's "break-up" college the woods silk screening living making things color you name it is the best thing to do. I really adore this girl. I feel awful leaving her, but she's really a wonderful person, and I know we'll be together in the future. Plus she lives right outside of Chicago, my Chicago.

We went to a football game at Monmouth College, THE GAME of the season, or something. We wound up just walking around campus, taking pictures, you know. It was fun. Kathy drove back, and we got lost with Greta and Julia. So we pulled over at a gas station and I drove us back in Greta's little car. It was wonderful being behind the wheel with wonderful company.

I'm going to make things zines shirts purses posters music.
Kathy and I are going to live in our creativity, rather than dwell in it, we'll indulge.
Stop whining about what's not there, enjoy what you can make of it.
P.S. Thanks for the p-card kls.

03 November 2006

New layout.
Yay new layout!
Hey who wants to hang out before the summer comes?
I'm serious, Ty, let's plan a trip.
You know what sucks?
Thinking that being in college would give me more time
and freedom to travel. What was I thinking? I have like
no time, not to mention being in the middle of nowhere
with no airport or nothing is even harder. When I get
back it's going to be trip central 24/7. Well at least
until I get myself a job. Which could be really good.
So yeah, if I play my cards right, I could be out of here
in 13 days. That's November 16, Ashley's birthday as
well. I can't wait to pack it all up and put it all behind
me. Don't tell the kids here this, but I probably won't
be visiting like I said I would. I don't think I'll ever come
back here. This place is bad memory central. I'm getting
my life back, and you can't stop me.

Ok, enough of that.

 P.S. Vice Magazine's review of the new Decemberist's CD is hilarious.

"Oh good, more nasal songs about rogues and curs and bustles. Hey, could you les us know
when the Wes Anderson Fantasy Songwriting Camp lets out and you go back to being a gangly
lit dork who still gets shoved by people at 30. Just a heads-up'd be nice."

No sleep last night.
Totally alone.
No motivation.
Only 13 days of this place.
Only who knows how long of this feeling.

02 November 2006

Knowing that I had to read a majority of The Sparrow and learn some new Chinese characters, I opted for a long nap, in which I awoke at least 4 times thinking of him in all sorts of memory-like situations. It was nice because I felt like he was here with me, and that none of that nonsense had ever happened. Even though that feeling only existed for me for a few moments, it was enough to make me want to hope for it again.

The library in town emailed me offering me longterm volunteer hours, including a new project archiving the weddings that occurred in this town over a long period of time. Cool, right? Too bad I'll have to turn it down because I'm home free in two weeks. But it's not like my window of opportunity has closed just yet. I mailed Mindy, owner and chef of Hot Chocolate Chicago, offering my time once again, for any position available. I just hope I get the job!

Yay opportunity! Yay coming home!

Yay scanner/undies!

01 November 2006

I eat most of my meals alone because everyone else is running out of dining dollars. I watch a lot of movies alone in my room because everyone else wants to smoke up. I don't answer my door anymore because people just mooch off of me. I don't feel motivated about much, and it's an awful feeling. I'm sorry I don't have any insightful things to say on here, that's just not my thing. I'm lonely here, I hope I'm less lonely at home.

Someone told me they have feelings for me, and have for a long time. What am I supposed to say to that? It's not something you bring up in an online conversation. It's not something I should be expected to respond to. I'm in the middle of nowhere, in a pretty weird mental state, and the last thing I need is to think about romance. If you could call it that. I don't want people to think about me like that. Just because I'm single doesn't mean I'm available. I'm probably less available now than I was when I was in a relationship, if that makes sense.

You don't know what you got till it's gone.

P.S. I'm over common rooms and residential living. Get me to my house with my family already.
P.P.S. Word on the street is, I may be home in 15 days.