16 November 2006

 I feel really sick right now. Like car sick or something.
I come home today and I feel really overwhelmed.
I have to finish packing, and clean my dishes, and
get the transcript requests to the registrar, and all
that jazz.
Last night was so weird. Dinner was only served in
the Oak Room, and the deans were cutting up turkey
and ham and putting it on our plates. It was "Thanks-
giving dinner" and it was weird. There was lots of
eggnog though.
After dinner I watched ANTM and JAEDA IS GONE.
It's about damn time. Why was Caridee in the bottom
two? She's the best one in the bunch right now. I
think some twins are going home next week, what
do you guys think?
After ANTM Fingerman made me play quarters with
Sarah, Zach, and Brooks. Let's just say I suck at
quarters and leave it at that.
I need to stop taking things that aren't mine. It's
really out of control at this point.


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