14 November 2006

I'm really digging this idea of getting a record player. I found one I absolutely adore online for a decent price and get this: it has a cd player, radio, tape player, with a recorder in the tape deck, so I could make mixtapes oldschool style. It's wood, and new. It's made by a company that makes vintage revival products like "old telephones" and "old record players".
I've already made a list of records I'd like to get on vinyl. Now all I need to do is follow through with this, and get a record player, hopefully for Chanukah. I should probably talk to Mom and Dad about this.
Anyways, I had my paper conference with Regiacorte, and he really liked my first draft. I just need to finish the final draft of it and turn it in before I leave on Thursday. Then I'm done. I might have to do a second draft of my F.P. paper, but that's tentative at this point in time.
New York in 10 days.
Kentucky in 31 days.
Home in 2 days.

I'm going to sit by the fire and read my little heart out for the whole time. Kathy lent me her copy of "Cannery Row", and she's letting me write in it and take notes in it.

 P.S. This is the one for me:

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