09 November 2006

I'm sitting on Kathy's bed right now and it sounds like it's raining but I can't tell if it is or not. We walked into the cafeteria today with saran wrap and plastic baggies to make sandwiches with sweet onion dressing and she got fries and veggies. We took our food outside, after she stole a fork, and we got cream sodas and I got Munchos. We sat on the soccer field in the shade of a big tree and ate and talked about all of the things girls talk about. We had a "photo-safari", as she liked to call it, and this one guy told her he "ain't never seen a girl wear no moccasins befo'". It was a splendidly warm afternoon and I mailed a few letters. I need to write my F.P. paper, I have about a third of it done. Then I need to write a paper for english this weekend, egads! Then comes the easy easy Chinese final. One week till I'm home.

 (Kathy's legs are behind me and I smile when I'm with her)

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