02 November 2006

Knowing that I had to read a majority of The Sparrow and learn some new Chinese characters, I opted for a long nap, in which I awoke at least 4 times thinking of him in all sorts of memory-like situations. It was nice because I felt like he was here with me, and that none of that nonsense had ever happened. Even though that feeling only existed for me for a few moments, it was enough to make me want to hope for it again.

The library in town emailed me offering me longterm volunteer hours, including a new project archiving the weddings that occurred in this town over a long period of time. Cool, right? Too bad I'll have to turn it down because I'm home free in two weeks. But it's not like my window of opportunity has closed just yet. I mailed Mindy, owner and chef of Hot Chocolate Chicago, offering my time once again, for any position available. I just hope I get the job!

Yay opportunity! Yay coming home!

Yay scanner/undies!

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