03 November 2006

New layout.
Yay new layout!
Hey who wants to hang out before the summer comes?
I'm serious, Ty, let's plan a trip.
You know what sucks?
Thinking that being in college would give me more time
and freedom to travel. What was I thinking? I have like
no time, not to mention being in the middle of nowhere
with no airport or nothing is even harder. When I get
back it's going to be trip central 24/7. Well at least
until I get myself a job. Which could be really good.
So yeah, if I play my cards right, I could be out of here
in 13 days. That's November 16, Ashley's birthday as
well. I can't wait to pack it all up and put it all behind
me. Don't tell the kids here this, but I probably won't
be visiting like I said I would. I don't think I'll ever come
back here. This place is bad memory central. I'm getting
my life back, and you can't stop me.

Ok, enough of that.

 P.S. Vice Magazine's review of the new Decemberist's CD is hilarious.

"Oh good, more nasal songs about rogues and curs and bustles. Hey, could you les us know
when the Wes Anderson Fantasy Songwriting Camp lets out and you go back to being a gangly
lit dork who still gets shoved by people at 30. Just a heads-up'd be nice."

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