04 November 2006

Sitting in Kathy's room talking about everything from Bonnaroo to Modern Art Le Tigre's "break-up" college the woods silk screening living making things color you name it is the best thing to do. I really adore this girl. I feel awful leaving her, but she's really a wonderful person, and I know we'll be together in the future. Plus she lives right outside of Chicago, my Chicago.

We went to a football game at Monmouth College, THE GAME of the season, or something. We wound up just walking around campus, taking pictures, you know. It was fun. Kathy drove back, and we got lost with Greta and Julia. So we pulled over at a gas station and I drove us back in Greta's little car. It was wonderful being behind the wheel with wonderful company.

I'm going to make things zines shirts purses posters music.
Kathy and I are going to live in our creativity, rather than dwell in it, we'll indulge.
Stop whining about what's not there, enjoy what you can make of it.
P.S. Thanks for the p-card kls.

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