28 November 2006

Yesterday was so good, although I didn't see Dolce or Gabbana. Dad and I went to Circle Line and took a three hour boat tour of Manhattan (which means hill island or something like that in Algonquan). It was really neat and windy, and I saw Ellis Island, as in where Great Grandma Guttman came when she came to America. We also saw The Statue of Liberty, but that wasn't a highlite of the tour for me. It was neat and all, you know. I liked learned about the water tanks on all of the buildings because of the fire in 1830.

After the tour, we went to Carnegie Deli, and I ordered a sandwich called "The Woody Allen" and it was like 8 pounds of corned beef and pastrami, and I took two bites and got sick to my stomache. We had to go back to the hotel so I could lie down!

When I woke up we went to The Village Vanguard to see the Monday Night Big Band play, and let me say, as a kid who knows a thing or two of second hand knowledge about jazz, it was really outstanding. We stayed for two sets, and Dad and I were blown away. He likes jazz a lot. He makes me like jazz.

After the set, I picked out this restaurant right near SoHo called Arturo's because it was open late and has good pizza (thx Zagat's). Well not only was it delicious, it was cute, jazzy, homey, and get this, it had a CAT (Kathy!!). Our waiter got up and sang jazz with the band and some other singers while our pizza was cooking, HOW COOL.


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