09 December 2006

6 days.
I feel like you, Oki. Counting those days.
I watched Brokeback Mountain today, and it made me feel how The Notebook made me feel. I felt sad and like I needed Clay, and normally I recover quick knowing I have him, but this time I'm just in a stump because I'm so uncertain. But that's OK, because there's absolute room for possibility, isn't that exciting?
Today Mom and I went on a shopping expedition, and it was an absolute success. Though I didn't get good walking shoes for Italy, I got the coat of my dreams. It's Penguin and so Jackie O, it's undeniably cute, and totally marked down. I also got a navy blue turtle neck, and a grey knitted Free People dress, in addition to a Le Tigre tee. I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm going to be the most stylish girl in Italy/Kentucky, seriously.
I want it to be next Friday already, gosh.
I miss Manhattan.
I miss Kathy.


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