31 December 2006

Dear diary,
Italy was really pretty but I guess not for me.
A lot of the people came off as kind of selfish
snobs. They were all a bunch of rude budgers.
I hated it. I mean yeah, frescos and gorgeous
chapels, and even the one synagogue in Florence
were well worth it, but I just felt generally dis-
liked by a majority of the people I met there.
Mari and I were debating whether it's just the
culture there, or because we're Americans. I'm
not really sure, but either way, I hated being
pushed around by people there. It really made
me feel sad.

I did get some great photos, I guess. But I still
feel disappointed. Check this out, polaroid film
gets ruined going through security, so I had to
buy it there. And the only store we found it at
sold me a box of Spectra film for 36 Euros. That's
about 50 American dollars. That's the type of stuff
I'm talking about. How easy it is to be gipped.

Or like when we went to Rome and it was touristy,
but not bad or anything. There was this guy in an
Iraq military uniform who had a black briefcase,
and he got on our tourist bus, and Mari and I
freaked out, because what is a guy in a uniform
like that doing with a briefcase on a tourist bus in
Rome by himself. Scenes from "Battle Of The Algiers"
started going through my head, and Mari and I
begged Mom and Dad to let us get off the bus.
I felt like a jerk for jumping to conclusions
about the guy, but whatever, I guess I was raised
to be alert of things like that.

Anyways, Rome wasn't bad, well it was in the end.
We got on the train to go back to Florence, and then
these two ladies plucked my Mom off of our group
on the train and distracted her while they unzipped
her purse and took her wallet. Luckily, she made a
commotion of it, and got her wallet back. The ladies
ran away before we could get the police in on it, but
we were just totally freaked out.

I hate to be so down about the thing, but I guess I
didn't have the amazing experience I really wanted
to have. And now it's New Years Eve. My least favorite
"holiday" next to Halloween and Christmas. I always
get so depressed tonight. It's just the last day of the
year. Big deal. I don't want to go out, so sue me. I
just want to go to bed when I'm tired. I want to take
baths. I need to pack for school on Tuesday.

I guess now is a good time for pictures. 

 I'll post more every day. The first four are from Florence, the last three are from Volterra.

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