23 December 2006

Honestly, I'm not really enjoying my stay in Italy. I don't know if it's the language barrier, the inconveniences, or the way my family acts, but this has not been fun at all. To begin with, the flight was awful. 10 hours, which I didn't mind the length, except I was in a middle seat in the middle section, next to my father (who takes up a lot of room), and a guy who kept sneezing and coughing, which has resulted in my sneezing and coughing. When we finally got to Milan, we had about 45 minutes to connect to our flight, and these Italian people kept cutting in line "Mi scuzi, mi scuzi" they said, which really translated to, I'm a budger. We got to our connecting flight to Florence, which wasn't bad at all, but upon arriving, all but one of our pieces of luggage was M.I.A. We calmly gave the people at the baggage claim our hotel information, and were told we'd most likely have it by night fall. Two bags just arrived right now, which means we're still missing two of our bags, and no one knows where they are. I've been wearing the same clothes going on 2 and a half days. Thank goodness my luggage was one of the two arrived.
Our first meal here was really delicious, but I can't help but gape at the prices of everything on every menu I've seen. And that's in Euros, not American dollars. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a whiner, who's tired, and a little sick of the effed up family dynamic I happen to be experiencing. The hotel is nice, though it costs 14 Euros to use the internet a day, which drives me up the wall, like come on, it's only internet.
We went to The Uffizi earlier today, and it was totally enchanting, but at the same time, I was sort of annoyed at the way that we had to rush through the museum. I know that the art will pretty much always be there, and maybe one day I can come back, but I'm here now, and I want to enjoy my art.
We got into a family fight at a restaurant after The Uffizi, and it was just an awful lunch period. 12 Euros for a caprese salad and 9 Euros for a pasta dish. That's basically so much money for like no food. I don't understand it. I feel guilty putting food in my mouth here, and that's not right.
We were scheduled to go to The Acadamia after lunch, but I took a pass. I don't need to see The David, it's not that great anyways.
Write me emails, please. I beg of you.
I miss you all dearly.
I hope to see you soon.
Love always,

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