24 December 2006

My dad just read my last entry and it really upset him, which is kind of silly
because he knew I was upset to begin with, and that I'm feeling better today.
It's kind of actually really silly.
Anyways, today we went to Volterra, which reminded me of Disneyland or
that town in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". It was pretty and charming and cute
and all the stuff. Mari hasn't been feeling well, so she went to the car to
lay down.
After Volterra we went to Pisa, and I, along with everyone in my family,
climbed to the top of The Leaning Tower. Suck on that. It was actually
totally scary up there, but the sunset we saw calmed my nerves a bit.
It was unreal that we were actually in it, you know? I mean you've heard
the name, seen pictures, read about it, but to actually climb the narrow
stairwell to the top, stopping every landing you can just to catch your breath,
and then finally reaching the top and seeing the mountains, the hills, the
colorful rooftops, Pisa, it was unreal.
We walked around the area a bit, and then got back in the rental car to
go to the hotel. I am in total awe of my parents being able to navigate in a
country where we don't speak the language, and in a car they've never
driven (not to mention it's a stick shift, oi vei).
All in all, today was much better. Thanks for the email Olivia, it cheered me up.
I have so much packing to do when I get home. I probably won't get to hang
out with anyone when I'm back, but I'll try, I promise.

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