07 December 2006

Today is going to be wonderful. Yesterday was wonderful.
I got my first two favorite records (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK). I photocopied my zine (in color oh boy!), and I need to send it out. I am also planning on leaving one in The Knox College Library in addition to a Chicago Public Library (see what happens). I saw Jason And The Argonauts yesterday at Lookingglass, and man, Mary Zimmerman, like how does she do it? She's brilliant. The images and tableaus she imagines are so simple, yet like none other.
Today, Dad and I are meeting Grandma for lunch, and then we're going swimming at EBC. We're also making dinner for Mom and Ben, food from Italy (go figure).
I need to do more things.
Much love yo.
P.S. I had a dream about YMCA camp, Esther and Damon, Clay, family, and this little Mexican boy. We were on some cruise near Hawaii. There was a Texas Roadhouse on board the ship.

oh p.s. i know this is kind of lame, but i got my grades back for first semester at college.
i got an A+ in chinese. i didn't know they gave +'s at college.
i got a B in lit (whatever, i didn't turn in an entire paper) and a B in precep (whatever i ended the last class by telling everyone that i am pretty much the most important person they will ever meet in their entire life, so they can thank me for that)

piece auf.
oh oh oh did anyone watch top chef last night??? i missed it. who's out!?

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