29 July 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

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By Mirah
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so i haven't posted on here in weeks and weeks and weeks
but that's understandable right? i had friends in town and it
was oh so amazing and i miss all of them terribly. pitchfork
was really great this year, and i had a wonderful time. pre
and post pitchfork hangout with the crew was great, probably
what made the festival so wonderful this year too. my favorites
were probably dan deacon and de la soul, but there were lots
of good moments [let's just say a three hour dance sesh].
kentucky was nice too, i got to work on envelopes and have
sweet tea. i have pictures i just need to scan them and stuff.

oh and here's some big news:
we're moving. yes, the guttmans are moving from our place
on the northside to somewhere in bucktown or wicker park.
we're still working the kinks out of this, but it looks like it's
seriously happening. so i guess i'll have to keep everyone

um ok, time to go to the white sox game with schmath and
mom and benjammer. weird combination, but fun, right.


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