10 August 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

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ok i apoligize for never updating but the internet is in and
out here, knamean? so let's see, i left off with salisbury and
stonehenge, which i will pick up right now. we took the train
to salisbury (last entry's pictures) and when we got there,
we walked from the station to the cathedral, across a lot
of green, past fields of grazing sheep and their many
tributaries. the water was clean. thx chicago river btw.
there were people fishing with nets, and lots of families
with their little children picnicking around, and it was an
all around pleasant walk to the cathedral. the neighborhood
was really nice, and mari was right about it looking like a
nice place to raise kids.
here's some pictures of my walk:
when we got to the cathedral, richard gave us a smashing good
talk about the history and such, and then we got to go in and have a
looksee. we also got to join in their one o'clock prayer which was a
new thing for me since i have never prayed in a church or cathedral
before. here's some of my mom's pictures because my camera died:

we had about 45 minutes to eat and walk around in salisbury,
so we got a couple pictures, but nothing too serious. i mean
we had to get on a bus to go to STONEHENGE anyways, so
i guess the pictures could totally wait it you knamean?

that's all for now,
teatime at the tea museum.
remind me talk about mary poppins and chicago,
top shop and portobello road, and the drag queen on the train.
lots to talk about, but tea and crumpets await.
ciao ciao

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