23 August 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

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By Imogen Heap
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well in the past week i've gone to ikea to buy pillows and
sheets, i've hung out with kathy and pac and went to chinatown,
i've visited my future house/ my cute cute room, i've gotten
so many good new used cd, i went to iowa with ashley and
allison trumbo, which meant that i slept in a haunted victorian
house, and i bought some major 90's themed purchases,
i.e. the backstreet boys "millenium" and n'sync's "no strings
attached", in addition to "forrest gump" and "hanson: middle
of nowhere tour in japan video", what i'm trying to say in
this run-on sentence entry is that i've been so busy, hence
no writing. BUT i got two new pairs of shoes, and a pretty
great tetanus shot in my right arm, even though i didn't need
it. i really should be packing but instead i'm going to my
last day of work, and then hanging out, and then putting
off packing to probably watch another episode from the
final season of the o.c. because i'm still recovering from
marissa cooper's untimely death. i hope volchok rots in
jail for what he did to the coopers and more importantly RYAN.

new pillows for my new room

dreary old iowa on a rainy sunday night

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