07 August 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

so my camera has been super dodgy, as in, it didn't work
at stonehenge or in salisbury cathedral, BUT, i've already
seen both those places and it was nice to not look at things
through a viewfinder for a change, so i actually got to take
in the tour without worrying about my camera and picture.

anyways, here are my best from the day we left which
mainly consists of my airplane ride and the airport, not
a lot of super exciting things:


when we arrived, we took a cab ride from heathrow, and
i was totally stoked because it was a BLACK CAB as in the
jens lekman song that i really really like and it was a glorious
and expensive ride (i've got the cab rides out of my system
which works because man oh man that was expensive).
when we got to the hotel our room wasn't ready so we dropped
our bags off, grabbed lunch at marks & spencer (upscale premaid
food stuffs, totally pleasing to the eye and mouth) and then
walked over to holland park where we picnicked on a bench
and planned out some details for our trip. we decided over
sandwiches and pasta salad that today we would take a
london walks tour that we'd done 6 or 7 years earlier
that consisted of traveling to salisbury to see the town and
cathedral and then moving onward to stonehenge. i came back
after and i took a nap, while mari and mom went to harrod's.
after my nap we went to an indian place called masala zone
where i had some of the best homemade raita ever. and
after dinner we watched an indian cooking show on the bbc
which i'm totally stoked over because the recipes are online.

today, we woke up at 8ish and had little snackies from
harrod's for breakfast in our hotel room. we got lost on
the underground on our way to waterloo station, but it
was ok because we found our guide and it all worked out.
here's a picture or two of waterloo station:

our guide, richard, was the same we'd had years ago, and he was
totally funny. i love richard. we took a pretty nice train ride to salisbury
which is my next set of photographs, and it was all in all an enjoyable
ride. if there's one thing europe totally has that american needs, it's
the best train system ever. wtf america. get on that already.


ok that's all i can manage tonight, because of computer
and slow internet and stuff. more on stonehenge and
salisbury cathedral + tomorrow's update if i'm not too

quote of the day: "school is pants! i hate school" and "tri-bal stone-henge"

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