14 August 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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C'mon Miracle
By Mirah
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hello all, i am at the synagogue right now and
i'm in this really weird transitional creative and
destructive area where i kind of want to keep
everything but i kind of want to throw everything
away and it comes at a very strange moment in
my life that happens to be called "going back to
college/sister is in turkey/ we are moving
". speaking
of that moving thing, we saw a house yesterday that
everyone (mind, mari) kind of sort of loved that's
in the south loop with skyscraper views and a neat
public deck, and a cute courtyard area, which
all happens to be inspired by english row houses
from the turn of the century, and there's a loft
type thing that is like hey arnold because you
climb up a ladder in the ceiling and there's a tiny
place for a bed, a hall for storage, and an area
where a couch would go, and there's lots of
different walls to paint lots of fun colors and
neat lights and i think i could actually make this
work but what am i talking about stop me ok?

i think i want to own a rothko and a pollock.
who wants to stage a heist or buy it for me?

i've been listening to so much mirah and regina
spektor and it feels so good to hear women
who can sing and sing about cool things and be

mazel tov

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