21 September 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

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Tonight I opted to go to the Sustainability: The Ultimate Liberal Art speaker over my first
radio show and my film for my Holocaust in Film and Theatre course. And let me tell you,
I did not regret it at all. This environmental course I'm in, in addition to the sustainability
agenda of our campus and the amazing campus environmental club (K.A.R.E.S.) makes
me want to do so much. After the speaker, Abby and I decided we wanted to make our
suite as eco-friendly as possible. We put up signs on every light switch to remind people
to turn them off then they leave the room, and signs in the bathroom to get people to think
about when and when it is not necessary to flush. I love eco-friendliness.

I go home tomorrow, and I'm psyched to sleep in my own bed even if it's only for two
nights. I'm also planning on bringing my record player back to school with some sweet
tunes. Mixtapes are back in fashion (see summer), so I'm going to be working on some
good stuff in the near future. Maybe if you're lucky I'll get a zine and a mixtape together.

Let's plan some trips.
Let's save some energy.
Let's go to Jens Lekman in November.

17 September 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

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this week is going to be hard and long and ends in
a weekend drive home for yom kippur. i should
learn how to spend my time wisely, that'll be my
new thing. doing homework when it's assigned and
all that. this new year, new schedule, new feelings
feels so weird and i'm not sure i like it. i miss you.
i miss all of you. when i was so excited to come back
here i kept picturing last year when the year ended.
there's no possible way to just come and pick up
where we left off, which is sad. expectations always
seem to get the better of me, but oh well. it's a
new year and rosh hashana was beautiful and tashlick
kind of made me feel cleansed and new. now i just
have to get into the habit of being this new, semi-
appropriate person. time for a picture or two:

11 September 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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I have finally finished moving in AND classes have begun.
I'm in the full swing of things right now, and everything is
going as well as expected. I mean, getting back into the whole
homework thing is tough, but that goes without saying. I'm
really digging the whole academic aspect of everything, though
I'd like to come out and say that it's been a bit draining.
Art History 105: Cave Paintings to 14th century frescoes is
going good. The only issue I have with the class is the whole
students interrupting the professor thing that's going on. It's
not supposed to be taught as a discussion course, in fact it's
strictly a lecture course. So everyone, shhhhhhhhhhh. Okay?
The Holocaust in Film and Theater is really the draining
class. We're in the midst of a 10 hour documentary called
"Shoah", and tonight we are watching the final 2 and a half
hours. We're digging right into one of the most delicate subject
matters, and it's really tough to stay emotionally stable in both
the movies and intense discussions, but needless to say, I'm
enjoying myself. My other class is the Intro to Environmental
Studies course, which is kind of massive (about 38 students).
I love the subject matter but I haven't been in a science class
since my Junior year of high school, so this is weird. At least
we don't do too many labs like the other science classes here.

I missed last night's K.A.R.E.S. meeting, but let's just say
that I'm going to be pretty darn involved in that this year.
We got recycling bins in every dorm room on campus,
and I'm proud to say I use mine. I also refuse to take plastic
bags at the grocery store, because canvas is not only cuter,
it's better. Hillel Club is going to be great this year as also,
since I'm helping organize the social aspect of it all. We're
having dinners, cooking nights, book readings ("Everything
Is Illuminated"), tree planting in Israel, "Latkepalooza", and
discussing a possible birthright trip to Israel. Can I get an Amen?
We also have 42 people attending the Erev Rosh Hashana Dinner
on Wednesday which is a HUGE number. It's going to be really
great. Now all I have to do is wait for WVKC to start, and get
moving with my gallery project.

I love my room. I love the kids I live with. It's so foreign to me
to hang out in my common room and watch a movie with my
friends, since I never did that before. I have eaten a majority of
my meals with my suite, which again, never happened last year.
I love Greta and Kathy, even though we haven't all hung out
yet, and I love the way my room is looking.

04 September 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

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Of Mice and Men (Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century)
By John Steinbeck
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Okay, before I disappear into the abyss again, I'd just like to say that
I am so incredibly happy to back at Knox. Seriously. I know that orientation
week was long and stressful and a lot of work, but entirely worth is. I adore
the international students and the bulk of the first year class. I also have three
really great transfer students on my floor this year, which is pretty amazing too.
It's such a bizarre thing to be seen as this plethora of information by all of these
new people, but let me say, I quite like it. My orientation group has been pretty
much the best. They have the best attendance ever. I pretty much have each
and everyone of them returning for my meetings, and that way, I've gotten to
know them better than most orientation leaders get to know their groups. Also,
yesterday was my first of many meetings with Dean Romano, and get this,
I don't think I can convey just how big this is, but seriously, we had an amazing
meeting, we see eye to eye, and now my job is round up a group of 2 to 3
students to want to be incredibly involved in the process. In about a week, we'll
meet again, and then we'll start looking at properties. Things are happening this
year. BIG things. I'm also applying for a Knox Blogger position with Admissions,
so I'm looking forward to seeing if that takes me anywhere.

I hope this helped to fill in some blanks everyone might have who reads this.

P.S. Lexie is a real person!

That's all.

01 September 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007

yes it's 'welcome to knox day' where i meet people all day long.