21 September 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

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Tonight I opted to go to the Sustainability: The Ultimate Liberal Art speaker over my first
radio show and my film for my Holocaust in Film and Theatre course. And let me tell you,
I did not regret it at all. This environmental course I'm in, in addition to the sustainability
agenda of our campus and the amazing campus environmental club (K.A.R.E.S.) makes
me want to do so much. After the speaker, Abby and I decided we wanted to make our
suite as eco-friendly as possible. We put up signs on every light switch to remind people
to turn them off then they leave the room, and signs in the bathroom to get people to think
about when and when it is not necessary to flush. I love eco-friendliness.

I go home tomorrow, and I'm psyched to sleep in my own bed even if it's only for two
nights. I'm also planning on bringing my record player back to school with some sweet
tunes. Mixtapes are back in fashion (see summer), so I'm going to be working on some
good stuff in the near future. Maybe if you're lucky I'll get a zine and a mixtape together.

Let's plan some trips.
Let's save some energy.
Let's go to Jens Lekman in November.

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