16 October 2007

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Basically I've been keeping myself extremely busy with work and hanging out in the suite with my friends and baking cakes for TKEs. Art History exam was totally amazing and fun and I aced it, leaving me feeling confident and happy with choosing Art History as my major once again. The Bioneers Conference is this weekend in Grinnell, Iowa and I'm really looking forward to it, even though I've never done anything like this and I'm not even sure of what we'll be doing and stuff, but it's going to be really awesome. What else is going on? Well, my Holocaust In Film and Theatre course ends this Thursday, leaving me with two classes for the last three weeks of the term, while still earning a full three credits (jealous, yes). I pick classes next week, and it's looking like Art History 106 (Renassaince to Modern Art), 19th Century Art and Architecture, and Introduction to Printmaking. It looks like this winter is going to be spent in The Center For Fine Arts and I'm really not complaining. I also have a meeting with Dean Romano to talk about gallery spaces Julia and I are psyched about, so I'm looking forward to that.

In other news, my family is moving the new place officially one week from Friday. I'm really excited and nervous, but it's going to be great, I know it.

Leandra visited, and it was amazing. I spent a lot of time in The Spaceship this past weekend, and I really enjoyed webcamming from the closet. This past weekend was great on campus. Nick Regiacorte did a poetry reading with this guitarist he met on a Fulbright trip to Florence year ago, and it was really a beautiful experience. It was nice to hear him read and the guitarist play, as they bounced energies and inspirations from one another. It also solidified that I want to study abroad in Florence with Regiacorte next fall, it's going to be amazing. Artsplosion! the open art collective performance and visual art show at the other Spaceship was amazing as well, and it was totally awesome to see that Regiacorte and the guitarist came to do an encore performance. The bluegrass band from Galesburg was probably the highlight of the night, although Ben Scott's dance duet was pretty great. The party at Sigma Nu later on was really awesome too, which made for an overall great night, not to mention Leandra got to be here for it. Thrifting was great on Saturday and I got the best fur hat ever. I'm hoping to represent Russia on United Nations Day next week by wearing it.

OH TWO OF MY PHOTOGRAPHS GOT SELECTED TO BE PUBLISHED IN CATCH, THE LITERARY AND ART MAGAZINE. That's the big news for me. I should write more, but I'm too busy living and stuff.

Love, love, love, Sandy

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