02 October 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

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I'm not sure if things are good because things happen to be good, or if because I'm working hard to making them good. But things are good regardless. I went home two weekends ago, and it was really nice to sleep in my own bed and see my family and all that jazz. Alana made a great passenger for both rides, seeing as she always knows how to make me laugh. It's weird knowing that my family is really moving, but like I've said, it's really exciting. There's a for-sale sign outside of my 'old house' which kind of makes me uncomfortable, but whatever, I'm getting a new room for new memories and experiences.
I just bought two tickets to see Jens Lekman in Chicago on Friday November 2, now all I need is a date! I'll find someone I'm sure, maybe I'll make Ashley come with me, or Schmathy even though she doesn't really like Jens (how couldn't she though). I've been listening to all sorts of good tunes lately, but Jens seems to be my weapon of choice, and that Ingrid Michaelson song from the Old Navy commercials "The Way I Am". It's pretty much the best thing ever right now.
Last weekend I went to Iowa City to see Ashley, Todd and Ben Kweller for free. It was totally great, and Kathy came with me, which was really nice. We had hot wings and pizza while watching Romeo + Juliet, and it was a really nice nice night. Saturday night was really fun also. Kathy and I made Sangria and had a nice time talking with Adam Soto, and shooting hoops with the transfer boys on our floor was great! The Control Party at Jazz House was really fun (once it got started), and after the party we hit up The Spaceship, where we did our thing, and then watched some Hanson and Aaron Carter videos. GREAT weekend.
Classes are classes. I'm really liking my environmental teacher, but I'm not having the easiest time with the tests, which I thought I would for some reason or another. Art History is going well, and I'm kind of really digging pre-historic art. Kathy and I are totally down with Aegean art, seriously, it's really great and organic and colorful.
Um what else can I say? My suite is really great. My classes are all right. I'm probably taking Art History 106, 19th Century Art and Architecture, and Printmaking next term (two of the classes Kathy will probably be in!). I really love art history, and I look forward to continuing my love of it next term.
No updates on the gallery, but I'm hoping some are soon to come.
I swam laps tonight with Abby, and I'm really loving our weekly excursions to the pool.
Oh, I have my radio show Thursday nights at 7 Central so if you're interested in tuning in, check out this site: http://deptorg.knox.edu/wvkc/.

That's all for now readers, talk later.


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