06 October 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

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Oh You're So Silent Jens
By Jens Lekman
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This has been a weird week. I'm doing really well in my enviro
class, as in, I'm getting a B+!!! That's the highest grade I've ever
gotten in a science class. I have some art history studying to get
to but I'd just like everyone to know that yesterday my enviro class
met and had our class on the top of the science building. We talked
about population growth and defended my right to have babies. It
was the hottest October 5, ever recorded in Galesburg history. It's
been a hot few days, I hope it turns into fall soon, so winter will
start and then we can have winter break. Oh and my Jens Lekman
tickets arrived in the mail yesterday. LEANDRA COMES SOON.

Happy 21 Mari-san!

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