30 November 2007

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Dancer in the Dark (New Line Platinum Series)
By Jean-Marc Barr, Catherine Deneuve, Joel Grey, Zeljko Ivanek, Udo Kier
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i joined greenpeace today because the two men holding the clipboards
were kind enough to speak to me when i was feeling blue.
thank you greenpeace, for sending me my knights in shining armor.
i'm like a recluse who gets out.

but i still have sugardumplin' and muffinbaby on my side, don't i?

in other news, tomorrow is my interview at ulta. if i get the job, i will
be working a lot selling makeup and hair products. at least i'll be busy?
and there will be people around me. and maybe i can still save up for
a plane ticket for the future.

28 November 2007

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By Sigur R�s
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this is a shot of the fires in malibu, california from this past weekend. the darker plumes
of smoke are where houses we caught by the fire.

the view from their yard was fabulous, but regular land slides and fires kind of make
it not the best place to live.

lunch at korean bbq was good even though i didn't eat any meat at it. coke always
tastes the best with asian cuisine.

i love shooting in airports.

it's the only place where florescent lighting is sort of flattering.

also, people don't know what to do with themselves because they're in a constant
state of waiting.

i'm going to come out and say what's on my mind.
seriously, i'm extremely lonely. only two of my friends are in town.
i'm waiting to hear back on a job.
you'd think that going to look at art today would make me happy, but
it just made me sad. i was walking around the art institute, and it was
good and lovely, but for all the art in that building, it felt really empty
to me today.
in the contemporary art section there was this video, about thawing ice.
i walked in and it felt kind of cold and there were these two people sitting
on this bench watching it, and i walked in and it didn't seem like there was
any room on the bench, so i stood behind the two people, but then the man
on the right side of the bench turned around and motioned for me to sit
next to him. it was really a nice gesture, and it reflected well with the thawing

i'm not sure why i feel this way. maybe i'm homesick for school, or something
else. maybe i'm just really honestly lonely. the only people i spoke to today
was a coat check guy, a man who worked at the museum, a museum guard,
my dad, a neighbor who asked "is everything alright?', and clay.

i have little to no human interaction.
i just feel like sleeping all day.

26 November 2007

Currently Reading
Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction
By J.D. Salinger
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i know i know, you're dying to see my new room. so here, i'll put some pictures up.

so, right now, you have to climb a ladder to get to it. very 'hey arnold'.

this is me in the room that the ladder leads up to.

this is the closet/storage space.

i'm planning on getting rid of that desk and putting my bed under the window.

i'm working on a felt tree tapestry to hang on the wall near my bed.

this is the view from the window above my room. we're just south of downtown.

that's me one last time.

things are nice. i just got back from malibu saturday night. the fires were scary,
but we survived. i like chicago and nyc way more than la. seriously. of and
speaking of nyc, i'm there with kathy december 14-17, so stir, amalia, and
damon, let me hollatchu, k?
um i can walk anywhere from my house. the mayor lives two doors down.
i have a whole foods and a sam's liquor store in walking distance. i live
by the train and the lake. i'm a twenty minute walk from the art institute.
i love where i live.

my room is going to be so cozy.

i think i'm going to major in art history and minor in photography.
in-put, please.

hearts and stars.

09 November 2007

i'm a winner


loooooook mom

04 November 2007

Currently Listening
Oh You're So Silent Jens
By Jens Lekman
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The Bioneers Conference (Grinnell, Iowa) was life changing and I've absolutely positively decided to a) be an environmental studies minor, b) that we should stop eating shrimp [see http://www.shrimpsuck.org], c) that we need to make a lot of changes to our lifestyle (both at school and at home), c) that anything is possible, just make some connections and set some goals, d) florescent lights are cool, e) living locally is where it's at, f) camping is beautiful and there are a lot more stars than I thought there ever were, g) it is our responsibility to take care if the earth, h) it is time to take this responsibility under our wing and harness our creative senses to makes this place we live in sustainable and renewable. I could seriously go on and on and on for hours, but there's too much to type.

Basically, I want to do so much. I want to go to New Orleans and help with the relief and rebuilding efforts. I want to go to the Bronx and "Green The Ghetto". I want to stop eating meat (including fish, shrimp is the worst you could do, and tuna). I want to make recycled art. I want to make our campus more sustainable. I want to thelp run K.A.R.E.S. next year. I want to stop buying so much. I want to eat mainly organic and as locally as I can if at all possible.

I want a lot.

Halloween (on a different note) was lovely (sort of) and in case you didn't see it:

I was a Tamagotchi and it was the cutest most precious costume in the world!!!!

I went to Jens Lekman on Friday night at The Logan Square auditorium and he played every song I wanted to hear and more and we were dancing and he was in this white robe and his girls were perfect and cute in all their Swedish cuteness. Mexican with Maud after the show was fabulous, I'm not sorry I didn't tip though. I love kareoke in Spanish and I love singing along.

Yesterday I went to The MCA with Brian and it was beautiful. Even the weird sex inspired performance art was good. We had a really enjoyable time, and I'm really happy that he picked for us to go to the MCA and then get yummy thai food after. It's like every time the two of us hang out it's absolutely perfect and spontaneous and lovely. How do we do it?!

Anything else? I had Chinese food today and I bought a bamboo plant to put next to my orchids (Sugar Dumplin', and Muffin Baby).

Time to drive back to school.

I love life.
New house is perfect.