28 November 2007

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By Sigur R�s
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this is a shot of the fires in malibu, california from this past weekend. the darker plumes
of smoke are where houses we caught by the fire.

the view from their yard was fabulous, but regular land slides and fires kind of make
it not the best place to live.

lunch at korean bbq was good even though i didn't eat any meat at it. coke always
tastes the best with asian cuisine.

i love shooting in airports.

it's the only place where florescent lighting is sort of flattering.

also, people don't know what to do with themselves because they're in a constant
state of waiting.

i'm going to come out and say what's on my mind.
seriously, i'm extremely lonely. only two of my friends are in town.
i'm waiting to hear back on a job.
you'd think that going to look at art today would make me happy, but
it just made me sad. i was walking around the art institute, and it was
good and lovely, but for all the art in that building, it felt really empty
to me today.
in the contemporary art section there was this video, about thawing ice.
i walked in and it felt kind of cold and there were these two people sitting
on this bench watching it, and i walked in and it didn't seem like there was
any room on the bench, so i stood behind the two people, but then the man
on the right side of the bench turned around and motioned for me to sit
next to him. it was really a nice gesture, and it reflected well with the thawing

i'm not sure why i feel this way. maybe i'm homesick for school, or something
else. maybe i'm just really honestly lonely. the only people i spoke to today
was a coat check guy, a man who worked at the museum, a museum guard,
my dad, a neighbor who asked "is everything alright?', and clay.

i have little to no human interaction.
i just feel like sleeping all day.

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