26 November 2007

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Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction
By J.D. Salinger
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i know i know, you're dying to see my new room. so here, i'll put some pictures up.

so, right now, you have to climb a ladder to get to it. very 'hey arnold'.

this is me in the room that the ladder leads up to.

this is the closet/storage space.

i'm planning on getting rid of that desk and putting my bed under the window.

i'm working on a felt tree tapestry to hang on the wall near my bed.

this is the view from the window above my room. we're just south of downtown.

that's me one last time.

things are nice. i just got back from malibu saturday night. the fires were scary,
but we survived. i like chicago and nyc way more than la. seriously. of and
speaking of nyc, i'm there with kathy december 14-17, so stir, amalia, and
damon, let me hollatchu, k?
um i can walk anywhere from my house. the mayor lives two doors down.
i have a whole foods and a sam's liquor store in walking distance. i live
by the train and the lake. i'm a twenty minute walk from the art institute.
i love where i live.

my room is going to be so cozy.

i think i'm going to major in art history and minor in photography.
in-put, please.

hearts and stars.

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