30 November 2007

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Dancer in the Dark (New Line Platinum Series)
By Jean-Marc Barr, Catherine Deneuve, Joel Grey, Zeljko Ivanek, Udo Kier
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i joined greenpeace today because the two men holding the clipboards
were kind enough to speak to me when i was feeling blue.
thank you greenpeace, for sending me my knights in shining armor.
i'm like a recluse who gets out.

but i still have sugardumplin' and muffinbaby on my side, don't i?

in other news, tomorrow is my interview at ulta. if i get the job, i will
be working a lot selling makeup and hair products. at least i'll be busy?
and there will be people around me. and maybe i can still save up for
a plane ticket for the future.

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