23 December 2007

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The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
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Lexington, KY Forecast Days 1-5

Monday, Dec 24
High: 44 °F RealFeel®: 37 °F
Mostly sunny and breezy
Monday Night, Dec 24
Low: 29 °F RealFeel®: 30 °F
Partly cloudy

Tuesday, Dec 25
High: 47 °F RealFeel®: 46 °F
Mostly cloudy
Tuesday Night, Dec 25
Low: 31 °F RealFeel®: 20 °F
Mainly clear

Wednesday, Dec 26
High: 47 °F RealFeel®: 39 °F
Mostly cloudy
Wednesday Night, Dec 26
Low: 31 °F RealFeel®: 26 °F
Mostly cloudy

Thursday, Dec 27
High: 47 °F RealFeel®: 40 °F
Mostly cloudy
Thursday Night, Dec 27
Low: 37 °F RealFeel®: 22 °F
Cloudy with a cold wind; periods of rain late

19 December 2007

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Dog on Wheels
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"Designers, please take your stations." - Dad being Tim Gunn

So the question isn't "What did you do on Friday December, 14 2007?"
it's more "What didn't you do on Friday December, 14 2007?"

You wouldn't believe how much you can do in 25 hours running on only 4 hours of sleep from the night before. Kathy and I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to the sound of my father's voice pretending to be Tim Gunn. We got McDonald's at the airport, and sat at the front of the plane with annoying couples. NYC was snowcapped as we flew over it. It was really breathtaking. We wound up getting lost in Harlem on the way to NYU and when we did finally get to Union Park we wound up killing time waiting for Esther, by spending and hour in Cosi, and an additional hour in Bed Bath and Beyond, pushing our things around in a cart (p.s. no photographs in BBB just in case you wanted to go in there to do a photoshoot). We got into Esther's dorm and vegetated for a bit until she had to go to dinner with her parents and so we hung out with Damon and went to The MoMA to see some really big scultures and some really interesting installations. After the MoMA Damon got himself some tasty street meat, which was then proceeded by going to Bryant Park (FASHION WEEK!!!) and watching ice skaters swivel and sway which was absolutely magical and a cold 45 minutes well spent. After that, we met some guy named Jack for pizza and cream puffs, and then wound up walking around
until it was time to meet up with Esther and Amalia to go out. Esther's friends are total characters which meant we had a very interesting night out in Brooklyn, and James Murphy djing at Studio B was the bomb. I lost protecting Kathy in clubs from boys and lesbians. Some drama went down, it was cold, and we wound up laying on couches in the basement of an old dorm until we were reunited with Esther and we slept for a whole day.


08 December 2007

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Advisory Committee
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so at the show on wednesday i found the perfect person to spend
friday with because he only works nights and then during the day
on monday and tuesday, so he has lots of free time during the
days and no one to spend it with.

and the thing is, i don't even know him.
but i spent the day yesterday with this stranger and we talked
and it felt good to not be alone for some odd reason, go figure.
either way, he said he would just be sitting at home looking out
his window, and i know i would be sitting at home talking to
gael garcia bernal (formerly known as oshkosh the cat), so we
were both in need of the interaction/rescue.

he came out of it with a journal, a new book, a deposited check,
and i came out of it with hot chocolate and pizza in tow.

not to mention when i dropped him off i got to meet up with maud
and have a typical friday night at the squiers' residence. awesome.

i need a cf card for my new camera.

06 December 2007

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Ben Kweller
By Ben Kweller
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uh so for someone who doesn't have a job or a lot of friends in town,
i've managed to keep myself busy. i know i bash television, but i'm
not going to turn down project runway, top chef, or antm marathons.
i just simply can't turn those down.
i've also been working on a pretty big project which some of you will
be seeing the final product of in the next few days, that's all i'm going
to say on the subject matter.

yesterday, i made lots of crafts, and i officially love honey puffed wheat
cereal. we need to go buy some more of it. and more reduced fat organic
milk. and organic tampons, because my diva cup isn't my cup of tea.
after lots of crafts and listening to really good music all day, i scraped
the snow off my car with a spatula and drove from downtown to evanston
and had dinner at clarke's with maud and her boy. i haven't eaten at clarke's
in a really long time since the one at belmont and clark has the worst
service and they are mean there. but the nachos were really great last night.

we then went to the ben kweller/ okgo concert at northwestern, and get
this IT WAS IN A GYM. hahaha. oh and maud and i were the only ones
in the entire gym that knew any of the words to ben's songs. what is that?!
it was his last night of a fifteen month tour, and these kids were talking
through his set. he'll probably never play at northwestern again. either way,
the crowd was bogus, and someone smelled bad where we were standing,
so we left.

we went to my house, dolled up, and walked over to the drastics show not
too far from my house, and it was cold, but we found ways to keep warm
involving mittens and non-recycled items. when we got there, it was the
biggest sausage fest and it seemed like everyone around me was single.
exciting. i saw a cute boy who looked like a boy i had a crush on in high
school, and at the end of the show, maud turns to him and says "MY FRIEND
HAS A CRUSH ON YOU" and i was like "SHUT UP MAUD" and then his
friend was like "WELL HE'S SINGLE LIKE THE DOLLAR BILL" then
maud and single boys' friend blatantly left us standing alone so we could
talk awkwardly. oi vei. it was the dumbest two minutes of my life.
but the band was nice. and good. and burke declared that we were best friends,
too bad he's a capricorn and we are not compatible.

after the show, we magically had wristbands and a guy with nice glasses
talked to me for a while in the parking lot of the venue. we wound up in
the bar, and i met more of her friends/guardians and "you got me" by
the roots feat. erykah badu from "dave chappell's block party" was playing
and people in the bar were singing it along with me.

oh and i forgot to include the part where this really small homeless guy
with no teeth asked me for a dollar. so i gave it to him, and he said to me
"us small people gotta stick together" and it was so nice to be taller than
someone but not feel superior to them at all.
being small is nice.

i'm in new york in a week and one day.
i think i'll go to the german christmas market and bump into the frau.

good night last night maud, thank you.

i love where i live.

edit: mom and dad bought my chanukah camera today. i love love love it
and it's not even here yettttttttt
double edit: i got an A in art history, a B+ in environmental studies, and an
A in my holocaust in film and theater class. I MADE DEAN'S LIST.

word to your mother.

04 December 2007

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The Lemon of Pink
By The Books
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it's here and tonight was lovely. for whatever reason, i've begun to
take chanukah quite seriously, and for the first time, i'm actually
offended that christmas gets so much hype/attention, when chanukah
gets none. do you think i want to hear christmas music all the time when
i shop? do you think i want to be told to have a 'merry christmas'?
do you think i like feeling alienated during the holiday season?
no. no i do not, and for the first time, i am going to take a stand.

do you even know what chanukah is? to begin with, did you know
that tonight was the first night of chanukah? well let me tell you
something, it is. and do you know what it's celebrating? it's
celebrating the consecration of the second temple, you know, the
one that was destroyed. well the first one was destroyed and the
jews were banished from israel, but then we were let back in,
after fighting seleucid and winning. for a period of time there
was peace and happiness in israel and we were so happy that we
built a second temple. and guess what? it didn't last. it was destroyed.
and now, the dome of rock, the islamic temple is situated atop where
the temple once stood. talk about prime real estate.

so the next time you wish me a merry christmas, think about what
christmas means to me. or better yet, wish me a happy chanukah,
because christmas isn't my thing.
i love being jewish and i love my holidays.
no roman from the turn of the millenium that destroyed my people's
temple can take that away from me, ya heard?

and now for some pictures:

i'm currently sleeping in the living room.
it's awesome.
i have a fireplace and i make crafts all day.
be jealous of me.

03 December 2007

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Let It Die
By Feist
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that's the last of my images from my thanksgiving trip to malibu.
these were all taken on thanksgiving, we were up early and saw lots
of things in that short span of time. traveling is a funny thing, because
it messes with your idea of time and space. who needs time travel when
timezones buy you extra time or bring you into the future. i always think
about never wanting some days to end, and just driving westward so i'll
never have to see the end, it just keeps going, right through the sunset.

i've been kind of productive. i'm working on a big project, but it's a secret,
so, mum's the word.

p.s. 'dancer in the dark' was really a beautiful film.
thank you bjork for being bjork.
i think i only like icelandic things, except for jens, but
he's swedish, so he's halfway there.

i really like feist.
and i really like my big lumpy tape recorder.
it's going to be a good break.

thank you crafts, good movies, music, and j.d. salinger.

do any of you read old emails and entries?
i miss some of my old life.
but i'm liking my current life.
let's mix and mash ok?

"do you wanna come?"
"yes. yeah. yeah."
"you sure?"
"ask me again."
"you wanna come?"
"yes. yes."

oh p.s. one of the greenpeace guys sent me a thankyou postcard
for joining and he signed it personally.
i love today.
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By Sigur R�s
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i bought tickets today.
i leave december 24 and return december 27.
wish me luck, i'm going to need as much as i can.
on tonight's eyelash, i wished that we could be nice
to each other. i'm going to try to do my part, so now
he will hopefully do his. though, now that i've shared
my wish, i guess it won't be coming true. pretend you
didn't read what my wish was readers, ok?
well, if no one is excited about my trips, let me come
out and say that IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I

ok. there, i'm excited for ALL of us.

i'm going to try to recreate that sweater.

02 December 2007

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this is the picture that did it for me. i don't know why or what we were thinking,
but something about it just made me like him so much. weird right? he had so much
hair and looks so young. we were both so young. i want christmas. is that so wrong?
december 24, 8:35 am [49 dollars] - december 27, 9:10 pm [59 dollars].
make up your mind. these prices simply won't last.