08 December 2007

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By Mirah
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so at the show on wednesday i found the perfect person to spend
friday with because he only works nights and then during the day
on monday and tuesday, so he has lots of free time during the
days and no one to spend it with.

and the thing is, i don't even know him.
but i spent the day yesterday with this stranger and we talked
and it felt good to not be alone for some odd reason, go figure.
either way, he said he would just be sitting at home looking out
his window, and i know i would be sitting at home talking to
gael garcia bernal (formerly known as oshkosh the cat), so we
were both in need of the interaction/rescue.

he came out of it with a journal, a new book, a deposited check,
and i came out of it with hot chocolate and pizza in tow.

not to mention when i dropped him off i got to meet up with maud
and have a typical friday night at the squiers' residence. awesome.

i need a cf card for my new camera.

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