06 December 2007

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uh so for someone who doesn't have a job or a lot of friends in town,
i've managed to keep myself busy. i know i bash television, but i'm
not going to turn down project runway, top chef, or antm marathons.
i just simply can't turn those down.
i've also been working on a pretty big project which some of you will
be seeing the final product of in the next few days, that's all i'm going
to say on the subject matter.

yesterday, i made lots of crafts, and i officially love honey puffed wheat
cereal. we need to go buy some more of it. and more reduced fat organic
milk. and organic tampons, because my diva cup isn't my cup of tea.
after lots of crafts and listening to really good music all day, i scraped
the snow off my car with a spatula and drove from downtown to evanston
and had dinner at clarke's with maud and her boy. i haven't eaten at clarke's
in a really long time since the one at belmont and clark has the worst
service and they are mean there. but the nachos were really great last night.

we then went to the ben kweller/ okgo concert at northwestern, and get
this IT WAS IN A GYM. hahaha. oh and maud and i were the only ones
in the entire gym that knew any of the words to ben's songs. what is that?!
it was his last night of a fifteen month tour, and these kids were talking
through his set. he'll probably never play at northwestern again. either way,
the crowd was bogus, and someone smelled bad where we were standing,
so we left.

we went to my house, dolled up, and walked over to the drastics show not
too far from my house, and it was cold, but we found ways to keep warm
involving mittens and non-recycled items. when we got there, it was the
biggest sausage fest and it seemed like everyone around me was single.
exciting. i saw a cute boy who looked like a boy i had a crush on in high
school, and at the end of the show, maud turns to him and says "MY FRIEND
HAS A CRUSH ON YOU" and i was like "SHUT UP MAUD" and then his
friend was like "WELL HE'S SINGLE LIKE THE DOLLAR BILL" then
maud and single boys' friend blatantly left us standing alone so we could
talk awkwardly. oi vei. it was the dumbest two minutes of my life.
but the band was nice. and good. and burke declared that we were best friends,
too bad he's a capricorn and we are not compatible.

after the show, we magically had wristbands and a guy with nice glasses
talked to me for a while in the parking lot of the venue. we wound up in
the bar, and i met more of her friends/guardians and "you got me" by
the roots feat. erykah badu from "dave chappell's block party" was playing
and people in the bar were singing it along with me.

oh and i forgot to include the part where this really small homeless guy
with no teeth asked me for a dollar. so i gave it to him, and he said to me
"us small people gotta stick together" and it was so nice to be taller than
someone but not feel superior to them at all.
being small is nice.

i'm in new york in a week and one day.
i think i'll go to the german christmas market and bump into the frau.

good night last night maud, thank you.

i love where i live.

edit: mom and dad bought my chanukah camera today. i love love love it
and it's not even here yettttttttt
double edit: i got an A in art history, a B+ in environmental studies, and an
A in my holocaust in film and theater class. I MADE DEAN'S LIST.

word to your mother.

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