04 December 2007

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it's here and tonight was lovely. for whatever reason, i've begun to
take chanukah quite seriously, and for the first time, i'm actually
offended that christmas gets so much hype/attention, when chanukah
gets none. do you think i want to hear christmas music all the time when
i shop? do you think i want to be told to have a 'merry christmas'?
do you think i like feeling alienated during the holiday season?
no. no i do not, and for the first time, i am going to take a stand.

do you even know what chanukah is? to begin with, did you know
that tonight was the first night of chanukah? well let me tell you
something, it is. and do you know what it's celebrating? it's
celebrating the consecration of the second temple, you know, the
one that was destroyed. well the first one was destroyed and the
jews were banished from israel, but then we were let back in,
after fighting seleucid and winning. for a period of time there
was peace and happiness in israel and we were so happy that we
built a second temple. and guess what? it didn't last. it was destroyed.
and now, the dome of rock, the islamic temple is situated atop where
the temple once stood. talk about prime real estate.

so the next time you wish me a merry christmas, think about what
christmas means to me. or better yet, wish me a happy chanukah,
because christmas isn't my thing.
i love being jewish and i love my holidays.
no roman from the turn of the millenium that destroyed my people's
temple can take that away from me, ya heard?

and now for some pictures:

i'm currently sleeping in the living room.
it's awesome.
i have a fireplace and i make crafts all day.
be jealous of me.

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