03 December 2007

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Let It Die
By Feist
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that's the last of my images from my thanksgiving trip to malibu.
these were all taken on thanksgiving, we were up early and saw lots
of things in that short span of time. traveling is a funny thing, because
it messes with your idea of time and space. who needs time travel when
timezones buy you extra time or bring you into the future. i always think
about never wanting some days to end, and just driving westward so i'll
never have to see the end, it just keeps going, right through the sunset.

i've been kind of productive. i'm working on a big project, but it's a secret,
so, mum's the word.

p.s. 'dancer in the dark' was really a beautiful film.
thank you bjork for being bjork.
i think i only like icelandic things, except for jens, but
he's swedish, so he's halfway there.

i really like feist.
and i really like my big lumpy tape recorder.
it's going to be a good break.

thank you crafts, good movies, music, and j.d. salinger.

do any of you read old emails and entries?
i miss some of my old life.
but i'm liking my current life.
let's mix and mash ok?

"do you wanna come?"
"yes. yeah. yeah."
"you sure?"
"ask me again."
"you wanna come?"
"yes. yes."

oh p.s. one of the greenpeace guys sent me a thankyou postcard
for joining and he signed it personally.
i love today.

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