31 March 2008

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Night Falls Over Kortedala
By Jens Lekman
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It feels good to be back and stuff, but there are a lot of things I need to sort out here before I go home for summer and go abroad next fall. I'm working on myself right now, and it's really difficult to realize all the faults I have in addition to all the beautiful things I recognize about myself. I'm changing and growing in the best way possible, but I'm scared that some of the people in my life are holding me back rather than helping to bring me to the new place I'm going. I'm not sure what to do or where I'm headed, but I know that I will always be there for myself regardless. Spring is new and fresh. It smells like raindrops here.

Last night was fun because I went out with some of my girls and saw some of my boys and was in TKE basement for the first time in forever which brings me way back to last spring term. I love my Mom's glasses and how good they make me feel when I wear them, even without the lenses. I feel like I have a little piece of her with me when I wear them, which is odd I know, but it makes me feel like a whole person. I like the glasses, so deal with it okay?

Time for bed. I'm waking up early tomorrow. And I might be in Chicago this weekend!

OH OH OH and you should all listen to "Your Arms Around Me" by Jens Lekman. It's the most summery springy song for me right now.

28 March 2008

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The Fury of the Aquabats
By The Aquabats, Aquabats
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Here are the pictures from 5415 N. Francisco. I have lots more, but these are the ones I guess I feel the most about. It was hard to say goodbye to my house, but it's okay. I love where I am now. Home isn't just an address. Home is a feeling I get when I'm around people I love. I wish I could locate the pictures of the kitchen and the dining room, but they might have gotten deleted. Either way, here they are.

I'm back at Knox now. This term is looking mighty fine right about now. I have some sweet sweet classes and it's going to be getting warmer and sunnier as the days go by. I'm in this sweet East Asian philosophy class, and though he cut Buddhism from the curriculum, I'm still stoked to be there. Stats is Stats, I'll figure it out I guess. Peter embarassed me in class yesterday, it's going to be a long term with him as my professor. And then there's my Japanese art history class. GET THIS: NO TESTS. I live for the art history exam, and Betsy decided she didn't think they were necessary, so basically, I get to learn about art without being tested on in (!!!) and I might be writing my term paper on the Japanese Fruits street fashion movement!!!! AND WE HAVE TWO FIELD TRIPS: one to go to an annual tea ceremony in a Japanese garden and the other to learn to make traditional Japanese floral arrangements.


OK. That's all. Buy you're pitchfork tix.
Call or text.
I got a "Postcard to Nina" postcard from Maud, it made my day.


26 March 2008

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Borders & Boundaries
By Less Than Jake
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" FIJI Water fell as rain hundred of years before the Industrial Revolution. After filtering through volcanic rock, our water collected in an artesian aquifer deep within the earth. This natural process added silica, a mineral that contributes to FIJI Water's unique soft mouth feel." -FIJI Water bottle, $1.99, 3.25.08

tonight is good. i'm happy to be back. someone remind me to post pictures from california and my old house okay? it's a new term. new ways of thinking. new modes of understanding. new motivation. i'm kneeling before my desk. i am happy tonight. things are going to be okay.

i love you.

i'm listening to a cd from 8th grade. i remember when i bought it at coconuts all those years ago.

13 March 2008

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Vampire Weekend
By Vampire Weekend
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leandra and i bought our pitchfork tickets.
one final today [atmosphere and weather]
two finals tomorrow [both in my art history classes, thx registrar]
one term paper due saturday [thx cezanne and your ambiguous bathers]

goals for spring break: things to look forward to for spring term:
-less whining -japanese art and architecture
-wake up early -east asian philosophy
-organize pictures -spring
-DEVIN MILLS AND LANDUH -spring clothes
-interview for internship -flunk day
-dinner with grandma -greek week
-art institute of chicago date -my birthday
-hang out with mari -dan deacon at grinnell [free]
-hang out with maud -mirah at grinnell [free]
-hang out with ashley -girltalk and the cool kids at knox [free]
-eating healthy -hearing back from study abroad
-travel safely to california -new radio show[s]
-see tony hawk
-world peace

10 March 2008




04 March 2008

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Soviet Kitsch
By Regina Spektor
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Right now I'm working on a mixtape for Leandra and thinking about how I wish Pitchfork would just decide if and when they're doing the festival in Chicago so I can tell everyone to buy tickets and get stoked for the summer. This summer is looking pretty promising. I've applied for three internships at the Spertus Institute which is a Jewish college/ museum within walking distance of my house. I have an interview in a few weeks, so cross your fingers because I really want to work at a museum this summer. If I don't get it, no sweat, I'm applying for a job at Ulta and volunteering at Lollapalooza hopefully.

Spring break is coming up, and I'm really stoked for that. I will be home March 15, and then on the 18th I'm going to California for my grandma's birthday. Maybe I'll see Tony Hawk again. We're going thrifting and eating Solunto's subs, my favorite sandwiches ever. Before break happens I have a ton of work to get done. As in two art history term papers, two short art history papers, one cumulative atmosphere and weather exam. and two intense art history exams, in addition to initiation for Kappa this weekend. A vacation is much welcomed right about now.

This term has been absolutely nuts. Kappa has been going really well and I'm so excited for I-week and initiation this week. Getting to know the girls has been fabulous, and will only continue to be fabulous. Hillel Club has been low key this term, but our event with Making Things was really fun, and I'm looking forward to the Mock Mitzvah we're going to throw spring term. I haven't been as involved with K.A.R.E.S. this term mainly because one of my radio shows kind of overlaps with the meeting time, which reminds me to tell all of you to check out my shows (tonight ad 6 and Monday's at 8).

What else? Last Friday night was beautiful. That's all.

I love Maud and Ashley and ALL OF MY XANGA FRIENDS.
Sorry I never write.

I will start to be better about all of this. I swear.