04 March 2008

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Right now I'm working on a mixtape for Leandra and thinking about how I wish Pitchfork would just decide if and when they're doing the festival in Chicago so I can tell everyone to buy tickets and get stoked for the summer. This summer is looking pretty promising. I've applied for three internships at the Spertus Institute which is a Jewish college/ museum within walking distance of my house. I have an interview in a few weeks, so cross your fingers because I really want to work at a museum this summer. If I don't get it, no sweat, I'm applying for a job at Ulta and volunteering at Lollapalooza hopefully.

Spring break is coming up, and I'm really stoked for that. I will be home March 15, and then on the 18th I'm going to California for my grandma's birthday. Maybe I'll see Tony Hawk again. We're going thrifting and eating Solunto's subs, my favorite sandwiches ever. Before break happens I have a ton of work to get done. As in two art history term papers, two short art history papers, one cumulative atmosphere and weather exam. and two intense art history exams, in addition to initiation for Kappa this weekend. A vacation is much welcomed right about now.

This term has been absolutely nuts. Kappa has been going really well and I'm so excited for I-week and initiation this week. Getting to know the girls has been fabulous, and will only continue to be fabulous. Hillel Club has been low key this term, but our event with Making Things was really fun, and I'm looking forward to the Mock Mitzvah we're going to throw spring term. I haven't been as involved with K.A.R.E.S. this term mainly because one of my radio shows kind of overlaps with the meeting time, which reminds me to tell all of you to check out my shows (tonight ad 6 and Monday's at 8).

What else? Last Friday night was beautiful. That's all.

I love Maud and Ashley and ALL OF MY XANGA FRIENDS.
Sorry I never write.

I will start to be better about all of this. I swear.

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