13 March 2008

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Vampire Weekend
By Vampire Weekend
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leandra and i bought our pitchfork tickets.
one final today [atmosphere and weather]
two finals tomorrow [both in my art history classes, thx registrar]
one term paper due saturday [thx cezanne and your ambiguous bathers]

goals for spring break: things to look forward to for spring term:
-less whining -japanese art and architecture
-wake up early -east asian philosophy
-organize pictures -spring
-DEVIN MILLS AND LANDUH -spring clothes
-interview for internship -flunk day
-dinner with grandma -greek week
-art institute of chicago date -my birthday
-hang out with mari -dan deacon at grinnell [free]
-hang out with maud -mirah at grinnell [free]
-hang out with ashley -girltalk and the cool kids at knox [free]
-eating healthy -hearing back from study abroad
-travel safely to california -new radio show[s]
-see tony hawk
-world peace

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