28 June 2008

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Well, I'm still obsessed with Metro Station's "Shake It", and I've been listening to a lot of pop-punk, so life is on an upbeat slope. I finally finished downloading my pictures from Pittsburgh and I found some really great shots of my dorm room which basically make Greta and I shed sweet tears missing it so much.

Greta and I miss Sellew 304 so much that it kind of hurts. Today they played Lisa Loeb (see poster above my head in previous image), followed by a Taylor Swift song, and it basically felt like being in our room/ Gret's car all over again. It brought a real smile to my face.

What else is new? Trevor and I had a delightful breakfast in Boystown this morning, at a diner across the street from The Bagel. It was delicious and reasonably priced!! It got me excited for the Pride Parade tomorrow, but unfortunately I've been scheduled to work!!! Sadness. On a happy note, Trev is moving to Chicago Friday!!! He signed a lease on a studio apartment in Wrigleyville, and he's truly living in Chicago. NEW FRIEND ALERT!!

I didn't work this week, but I was called in today, and it was really fun. I'm scheduled this week, and it'll be totally fun. Yesterday I started my first Italian lesson with an art history teacher that is fluent in Italian (she's writing her dissertation on Feminism in Italian Renaissance art and literature). It was fun and fabulous, and a mouthful. I'm adding Italian to my list of lanugages I've studied (English, German, Hebrew, Chinese, and French). Prof Gilbert sent me an email with all the information to start my summer art history project (writing a catalogue for an exhibition at The Galesburg Civic Art Center). So basically, Italian lessons, work at Ulta, writing the catalogue, buying tix for Italy trip, Pitchfork Music Fest, working at Lollapalooza, and hanging out with Chicago friends is my plan for now.

And now for some pictures from lovely Pittsburgh:

Tunnel through the mountains (p.s. they have really great cell phone service inside the mountains).

View of The Bedford Springs spa and hotel (totally gorgeous building and landscape).

Bridge we crossed on our walt to The Pirates game (amazing views whole way through).

Ma and Mari outside the Pirates game.

Gorgeous view from our seats!!

Basically the cutest girl in the world. I think it's a law in Pittsburgh to have cute/funny/beautiful children.

Um, me at The Warhol Museum (my destination as future curator). I'm actually thinking of applying to work in the time capsule project at the museum maybe next summer even. Basically they need people to help unpack, categorize, and archive all of the time capsules he put together (dream job).

Oh, it's also a law in Pittsburgh to have real cute homes. Look an Obama sign!!

I liked the image of Osama and Bush melded together in this window.

These pics were taking on the walk from The Warhol Museum to The Mattress Factory, a sweet installation art museum in the city. You basically walk through a park, a neighborhood, and an alley-street to this incredible hidden kitschy museum. Loved it!

I still have to post more pictures from Fallingwater, but these pretty much sum up Pittsburgh how I want to remember it. Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday night. I am.

22 June 2008

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JUNE 20:

I started my job yesterday. It was a little scary working the register for the first time, and I'm not totally confident in my skills, but I'm getting a little more comfortable. It's really interesting to see how a store runs and functions. It's not as simple as I thought it would be. The people I work with are all extremely friendly and good-humored, so it's a pretty fun welcoming environment. Oh, and I got to go shopping for cute work clothes, and I look totally bangin' when I'm all done up.

Yesterday I also went to a really incredible play at Lookingglass Theater with my Mom and Grandmother. I didn't really know what it was going to be about, but when I got there and it started, I was really pleased with it. It was a simple play broken down into about 6 or 7 scenes, based on the poetry and writing of a Chicago native, Nelson Algren. It was a one-man show, which is tricky to pull off, but there was live musical accompaniment and video/photography installations on the stage that worked as visualizations for much of the words the actor was saying. It was simple, beautiful, and the writing both eloquent and grating. It really meshed with my new-found love and pride in my wonderful city, and I walked out of the MCA feeling renewed and excited for what this summer holds, and what lies inside of this place I call home.

JUNE 22:

I really missed listening to Dan Deacon. I forgot how much I liked him. And I also forgot how to write letters but I have three to four people that are expecting, so I best get over my writer's block. Plus A LOT has happened this summer that I can share with people beyond this blog, so yeah letter writing is in my future. I've have four work days at Ulta, and I'm actually getting a hang of things. Plus everyone that works there is sassy and totally funny. It's like a prerequisite to work there or something. Plus they play lots of Vanessa Carlton and old No Doubt, which I love. And ringing people up is fun because you have weird random conversations and stuff. Like one guy asked me to go to a dive bar with him. And I talked to another lady about art history grad school programs.

What else is new? Well I saw an old old old friend Friday night, and he lives right in the heart of Wrigleyville, which was actually really exciting to be in on a Friday night/Saturday morning during the Cubs/Sox series (which the Sox are not doing to hot in). Whatevs, I had a fun time catching up with this kid, and I need to tell Greta my gossip, which is a whole other story.

I miss that girl like it ain't no thang. And Schmathy.

MMMM... Gay Pride is this Sunday, and Mari and I got invited to this sweet pre-and-post parade party in Boystown, which we are definitely attending (so long as I'm not scheduled to work..). Oh oh oh, I'm buying tickets for Italy soon. And I'm also learning Italian this summer.

Busy Sandy.

Anyone wanna talk Pitchfork plans??

Gotta jet, I'm picking Trevor up at the airport in an hour!

15 June 2008

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Pittsburgh was amazing. It had its low moments, but what trip doesn't? This summer I'm working on me, so I apologize for a little of the craziness. The trip really solidified for me the reasons why I want to go into museum work. The Warhol Museum was perfectly laid out, a bit hands on, and overall brilliant. My only issue was that three galleries were closed, so we didn't see any Campbell's soup cans or Marilyn heads (but I've seen both). I was so excited to see one of his "piss-paintings" in person though. He got this brilliant idea to piss on a canvas that had been painted copper (I think), which then reacted with urine and made really neat organic colors and shapes. It sort of reminded me of the Gutai movement in Japan, with the hands on visceral creation of art.

Here's one of the oxidation works:

There was a great collection of paintings he did for children to look at, arguing that art was not high brow at all, and that even a child could get appreciation from art. He even hung them at a child's eye-level (my shoulder basically), and that's how the pieces were hung in the museum. This really touched me for some reason, that he thought about art, its audience, and how broad it was. Another one of my faves was the Silver Cloud Room, which is what the title implies. Juse a dozen silver clouds floating around a small gallery in which the museum visitor can walk in and interact with the clouds. I loved it. Seriously. My last fave of course was the photobooth in the basement in which I took some amazing headshots, and felt fabulous all the while. I seriously loved that museum to death.

In addition to The Warhol Museum, we hit up two Pirates games (which they lost), but it was fun nonetheless. I finally got to see the "lemonade guy" my Dad has been raving about, and I nearly died. The view from PNC Park was unreal. Just a straight shot of the skyline as a backdrop from our seats. Good job picking the tickets out Mari!! We also went to a spa outside of Pittsburgh, and I got my first ever facial and massage and it was weird and oily and quite funny at times. The hotel was a totally gorgeous refurbished 19th century building with really comfy beds and it had this amazing porch with rocking chairs on it. It reminded me of Kentucky a bit, because it was all so lush and hilly.

My favorite part of the trip, by a landslide, was Fallingwater. My mom, sister, and I have had this goal for years and years to go to Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece and we did it. And it was amazing. Actually there was no word for it. Amazing, incredible, fantastic, don't cut it. It was built in three years. It was built ontop of a waterfall. It cost a lot of money. He only went to college for two semesters, so he literally was an architectural genius (haha Leandra and Devin). He just thought it up you know? And the whole place was curated so well. It has ALL of the original furnishings and art that belonged to the owners that commissioned the home. So basically, you can't touch anything but it was one of the biggest treats for my eyes. Original Japanese woodblock prints, a Rembrandt, original Tiffany vases and lights, desk, shelves, and chairs made my the architect, artifacts from history... I seriously can't even remember beyond that. And the son was an art historian so he had one of the most amazing art history book collections that made my mouth water a bit. And we did a special tour that included a sweet little brunch, and since it was his birthday on the day of the tour, we sang happy birthday to Frank and had cupcakes. Swoon.

Basically I need to write on here more and I've been doing lots of things that keep me busy (like reading books and having a band-crush on Metro Station). So sorry sorry sorry.

OH OH and Friday 12-2 p.m. was the best I've felt in a long long time. She was right about dropping expectations.

P.S. Last night's double party and naked bike-ride was amazing. New favorite corner: STATE and DIVISION. Here's to kissing randoms from Indiana who eat double cheeseburgers in Jewel parking lots, riding the train for free, and Miguel from California who had the pretty eyes and the stupid shirt.



05 June 2008

i know i know. i haven't written in ages. i was just waiting for something to say i guess. schools out. i wrote a lackluster paper on symbolism in japanese shunga prints. i did mediocre on my final exam in stats and east asian philospohy. i'm home now. i got my first official real job offer. i'll be working part time at ulta cosmetics. and possibly part time at the art institute of chicago if they really want me in 19th century european decorative arts. i leave for pittsburgh tomorrow. i get to see a lot of andy warhol's art in person. and his tea-pot collection. i'm going to falling water. landuh i'll take lotsa pics for u. i'm also going to a pirates game, with the vendor who says 'lemonade!' so i'll try to get a video for you stir. i'm also going to a spa. finally someone will touch my back. all i've wanted since last august was for someone to just plain touch my back. i guess you lose that when you throw intimacy out the door with your heart in tow.

i should be sleeping.

but hey, i got a job! and the margs were much needed.

time for sleep.

p.s. my official summer pet-peeve is someone changing the music when they're in you're room and you've already put on what you want to listen to. it's my room. go away if you don't like my music. i don't change your music. seriously. go away.