28 June 2008

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Well, I'm still obsessed with Metro Station's "Shake It", and I've been listening to a lot of pop-punk, so life is on an upbeat slope. I finally finished downloading my pictures from Pittsburgh and I found some really great shots of my dorm room which basically make Greta and I shed sweet tears missing it so much.

Greta and I miss Sellew 304 so much that it kind of hurts. Today they played Lisa Loeb (see poster above my head in previous image), followed by a Taylor Swift song, and it basically felt like being in our room/ Gret's car all over again. It brought a real smile to my face.

What else is new? Trevor and I had a delightful breakfast in Boystown this morning, at a diner across the street from The Bagel. It was delicious and reasonably priced!! It got me excited for the Pride Parade tomorrow, but unfortunately I've been scheduled to work!!! Sadness. On a happy note, Trev is moving to Chicago Friday!!! He signed a lease on a studio apartment in Wrigleyville, and he's truly living in Chicago. NEW FRIEND ALERT!!

I didn't work this week, but I was called in today, and it was really fun. I'm scheduled this week, and it'll be totally fun. Yesterday I started my first Italian lesson with an art history teacher that is fluent in Italian (she's writing her dissertation on Feminism in Italian Renaissance art and literature). It was fun and fabulous, and a mouthful. I'm adding Italian to my list of lanugages I've studied (English, German, Hebrew, Chinese, and French). Prof Gilbert sent me an email with all the information to start my summer art history project (writing a catalogue for an exhibition at The Galesburg Civic Art Center). So basically, Italian lessons, work at Ulta, writing the catalogue, buying tix for Italy trip, Pitchfork Music Fest, working at Lollapalooza, and hanging out with Chicago friends is my plan for now.

And now for some pictures from lovely Pittsburgh:

Tunnel through the mountains (p.s. they have really great cell phone service inside the mountains).

View of The Bedford Springs spa and hotel (totally gorgeous building and landscape).

Bridge we crossed on our walt to The Pirates game (amazing views whole way through).

Ma and Mari outside the Pirates game.

Gorgeous view from our seats!!

Basically the cutest girl in the world. I think it's a law in Pittsburgh to have cute/funny/beautiful children.

Um, me at The Warhol Museum (my destination as future curator). I'm actually thinking of applying to work in the time capsule project at the museum maybe next summer even. Basically they need people to help unpack, categorize, and archive all of the time capsules he put together (dream job).

Oh, it's also a law in Pittsburgh to have real cute homes. Look an Obama sign!!

I liked the image of Osama and Bush melded together in this window.

These pics were taking on the walk from The Warhol Museum to The Mattress Factory, a sweet installation art museum in the city. You basically walk through a park, a neighborhood, and an alley-street to this incredible hidden kitschy museum. Loved it!

I still have to post more pictures from Fallingwater, but these pretty much sum up Pittsburgh how I want to remember it. Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday night. I am.

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