22 June 2008

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JUNE 20:

I started my job yesterday. It was a little scary working the register for the first time, and I'm not totally confident in my skills, but I'm getting a little more comfortable. It's really interesting to see how a store runs and functions. It's not as simple as I thought it would be. The people I work with are all extremely friendly and good-humored, so it's a pretty fun welcoming environment. Oh, and I got to go shopping for cute work clothes, and I look totally bangin' when I'm all done up.

Yesterday I also went to a really incredible play at Lookingglass Theater with my Mom and Grandmother. I didn't really know what it was going to be about, but when I got there and it started, I was really pleased with it. It was a simple play broken down into about 6 or 7 scenes, based on the poetry and writing of a Chicago native, Nelson Algren. It was a one-man show, which is tricky to pull off, but there was live musical accompaniment and video/photography installations on the stage that worked as visualizations for much of the words the actor was saying. It was simple, beautiful, and the writing both eloquent and grating. It really meshed with my new-found love and pride in my wonderful city, and I walked out of the MCA feeling renewed and excited for what this summer holds, and what lies inside of this place I call home.

JUNE 22:

I really missed listening to Dan Deacon. I forgot how much I liked him. And I also forgot how to write letters but I have three to four people that are expecting, so I best get over my writer's block. Plus A LOT has happened this summer that I can share with people beyond this blog, so yeah letter writing is in my future. I've have four work days at Ulta, and I'm actually getting a hang of things. Plus everyone that works there is sassy and totally funny. It's like a prerequisite to work there or something. Plus they play lots of Vanessa Carlton and old No Doubt, which I love. And ringing people up is fun because you have weird random conversations and stuff. Like one guy asked me to go to a dive bar with him. And I talked to another lady about art history grad school programs.

What else is new? Well I saw an old old old friend Friday night, and he lives right in the heart of Wrigleyville, which was actually really exciting to be in on a Friday night/Saturday morning during the Cubs/Sox series (which the Sox are not doing to hot in). Whatevs, I had a fun time catching up with this kid, and I need to tell Greta my gossip, which is a whole other story.

I miss that girl like it ain't no thang. And Schmathy.

MMMM... Gay Pride is this Sunday, and Mari and I got invited to this sweet pre-and-post parade party in Boystown, which we are definitely attending (so long as I'm not scheduled to work..). Oh oh oh, I'm buying tickets for Italy soon. And I'm also learning Italian this summer.

Busy Sandy.

Anyone wanna talk Pitchfork plans??

Gotta jet, I'm picking Trevor up at the airport in an hour!

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