05 June 2008

i know i know. i haven't written in ages. i was just waiting for something to say i guess. schools out. i wrote a lackluster paper on symbolism in japanese shunga prints. i did mediocre on my final exam in stats and east asian philospohy. i'm home now. i got my first official real job offer. i'll be working part time at ulta cosmetics. and possibly part time at the art institute of chicago if they really want me in 19th century european decorative arts. i leave for pittsburgh tomorrow. i get to see a lot of andy warhol's art in person. and his tea-pot collection. i'm going to falling water. landuh i'll take lotsa pics for u. i'm also going to a pirates game, with the vendor who says 'lemonade!' so i'll try to get a video for you stir. i'm also going to a spa. finally someone will touch my back. all i've wanted since last august was for someone to just plain touch my back. i guess you lose that when you throw intimacy out the door with your heart in tow.

i should be sleeping.

but hey, i got a job! and the margs were much needed.

time for sleep.

p.s. my official summer pet-peeve is someone changing the music when they're in you're room and you've already put on what you want to listen to. it's my room. go away if you don't like my music. i don't change your music. seriously. go away.

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