09 July 2008

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anyone remember when all those kids from the net kept in touch n' stuff?
yeah neither did i.
i think i'm mostly writing for me, so i can look back and remember what
i've been doing. and since no one really checks this unless i give a personal
shout-out or whatever, i've been sticking to my journal. sorry, that's for
my eyes only.

so what you need to know is:
i loved dearly the islamic fundamentalist i met the third of july, and i'm praying for him daily.
i'm going to start going to chicago barn dance every monday night.
i love chicago.
i love work.
i love greta.
i love kathy.
i love chinatown.
sometimes he will call when he says "i'll call you".
italian lessons are really fun.
and i got into all of my first choice courses for the florence program.
and my mom rules because she bought me polaroid film.
and my dad rules because he makes the best mojitos.
and ben rules because he suggests getting steak for lunch.
and mari rules because we can talk about anything.

and i'm sorry but seriously, what's the point when none of YOU read or write me.
it's stupid.

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