02 September 2008

host famiglia

yo yo yo,

so we moved into our host house six days ago, optimistic and stoked to be there. things were looking up. our host opened the door, saw all of our bags (and us struggling with them), then showed us where her door was upstairs. she told us that she didn't speak any english, and motioned that the elevator up was broken, and then proceeded to NOT help us carry all of our luggage up. it took us four trips, and we were totally sweaty/exhausted. she showed us where our room was, and then brought us into the kitchen for a glass of water.

description of host: she is 36, a school teacher, and single. she wears leggings and this one "champion" shirt that always has a stain in the center of the chest. her parents live with her for the summer. they leave in september. her parents are adorable, but speak no english as well.

description of host's behavior: neat freak. totally anal. kind of intimidating, and a little scary. she's a teacher, which to me translates to "not a real person", because let's face it kids, you're not supposed to see into the intimate details of living with a teacher, everyone knows that.

example of said behavior: after we brought our luggage into the hall the day we moved in, she moved it to our bedroom, and then wiped down and mopped the hall floor.

she left a huge paper in english with her 'house rules' that were hyper specific:

we are to: wear slippers in the house, take short showers because we share the bathroom, make our beds every morning, keep our room tidy, come in earlier than midnight, and be very quiet when we do enter.

we are not allowed to: use her aluminum foil, use her dishes. put tape on the wall to decorate the room, have our window open, use the toilet paper to blow our nose.

we were scolded for taping a map to the wall last friday. i got really mad at her because she's totally insane, and so we had to go out and take a walk. we got lost, and then i stumbled upon a huge pile of GARBAGE. i looked through it for things to salvage and bring into our room, so that we would be able to decorate said items of garbage and lean them against the walls. i found two wooden boards and some wrapping paper. i also taped my polaroids to some bags that i'd bought. and we hung our most colorful clothes around the room to just add some color to the 20 foot white walls.

more on the garbage soon. i took a sweet pic of a dump truck picking up garbage right by school today.


  1. oh my gosh! i hope she lightens up!

    use toilet paper to blow your nose??? wtf?

    who is your roommate?

  2. Wow - sounds brutal.....
    Have fun.
    I look forward to seeing you soon - and blowing my nose with toilet paper....
    Cathy :)