01 September 2008

prima entrata

ciao kids,

i'm in italy, and so far i've had my fair share of interesting adventures and awkward moments. i call this blog 'italian garbage' for several reasons.
first of all, there is garbage everywhere in firenze. in fact, most of the little garbage canisters are overflowing with garbage. just last week i littered for the first time in years, because i simply wanted to feel like a florentine. i put my gelato cup on the ground near my apartment, and guess what, three days later, it's still there, now full of this creepy black liquid. i pass by it daily on my way to the bus. i'll take a picture for future reference.
secondly, our window at the pensione ottaviane overlooked a pleasant street right near santa maria novella, which was pretty cool, right? wrong. every night at least 62 times, the restaurants and stores would dump all of their glass bottles into the garbage can right under our window. then around 4 in the morning the garbage truck would come and pick up all of the broken glass and dump it into it's garbage holder. i seriously woke up thinking it was kristalnacht2k8 last week.
thirdly, there are these things gaby fox refers to as 'funk pockets' which are exactly what you think they are. pockets or air that you walk through that smell funky. they're all over the city, so beware. there's a regular fun pocket outside of our school in the city center.
my fourth reason for the name is the article p.schwartz made us read in stats about how all the buffalo mozarello in florence has high levels of dioxin in it because of all the garbage in italy. great. thx.
and my fifth and final reason for the name is because i need these blog to do some total trash talk on all the dirt i can find about my life here in italy (which there is a lot of at this point). think of this as the perez hilton of italian gab.

and now for some pictures

these are garbage animals, i.e. pigeons. they are everywhere. this one was trying to eat some of my falafel from kabobji in the piazza santa maria novella.

i grew out my armpit hair before i got here because "everyone in europe has hairy pits, right?" wrong. no one here has hairy pits. so i shaved them after the first day. now my armpit hair is swimming with the rest of the garbage in the city.

this is the view from the balcony where i do some of my finest trashtalk at school. i had a lovely gossip session just an hour ago with a couple boys from my program while i looked out at the duomo and the lovely clouds. i hope it rains soon by the way.

all this blogging has me feeling spent. i'll work on some more entries. i have a lot of really fabulous stories already. just ask alex or ashley.


  1. i love love love your pictures and the fact that you have a special italian blog!

    miss you,


  2. probably gonna have to say THANK YOU FOR THE MATERIAL and shaving your pits was a good idea....-alex