10 September 2008

some more trash-talkin'

so i'm sitting in the garden at linguaviva and abbie just said:
"it smells so rotten out here. like rotten broccoli! it really does smell horrible."
this is the perfect description of the way a lot of things smell here.
like yesterday, my fanta can smelling like sweaty hands. it was awful. and it only smelled like sweaty hands at the part where your nose gets close to the can as you drink from it.
oh and i'm still covered in bug bites. the ones on my legs are starting to look diseased. almost like old hickies or something. abbie says that they look horrible. my professor made me put cream on them at school because they looked so bad.

here are some of my bug bites:

right before my last entry, abbie and i had gone to the big market near our school to get dried coconut and kiwis, the breakfast of champions here in italy, when i stumbled upon a sight for sore eyes, A GARBAGE TRUCK PICKING UP GARBAGE. i thought that garbage just sits here forever stinkin' up the city, but no, apparently it's taken elsewhere to stink up other place. gaby says venice is even worse and that it straight up smells like sewage. she says "canals are stinky". well take of whiff of this:

things that i've found in the trash in the last week and a half:
an amazing poster of a beautiful woman
an old shoebox filled with colored pencils
and a 2001 calendar with really colorful pictures of people in tibet and africa that are now my new stationary

that's the picture of the woman.

last wednesday i went to chianti and wine tasted. we had three different wines, and then grappa with biscotti. there was prosciutto, salami, fresh pane, and then an additional bottle of wine that we bought for six euros. we all went home with rosy cheeks. it was absolutely beautiful in chianti, and there was a lot of grass. there's no grass in florence. and like four trees. unless you go to the boboli gardens at the pitti palace. but that costs monies.

host family situation is much better. we don't have to wash our undies in the sink anymore because she asks us to do laundry. dinners have been spectacular. last night was pasta cooked perfectly al dente with tomato sauce, followed by tomato and cucumber salad and a ham and cheese omlette. we had apples, and then abbie and i got gelato after at gelateria de medici, our neighborhood favorite/the best place in florence for gelato.

more on making bread and rificolona later.
p.s. i'm going to venice this weekend. envy me.


  1. sandy! pink panties! i hope your bug bites get better darling.

    those garbage finds are so neat! how are you going to take things home with you?

    if i pay you back, will you bring me an italian scarf?
    i can already tell the european sophisticate style is rubbing off on you. you look so beautiful!

    i miss you!



  2. my k-box is 649! a small silk one would be lovely .. you have great taste so i trust you to find something beautiful! be good young american!