03 October 2008

broken showers [venice '08]

mi dispace for not updating in so long, but the internet access here is so hit or miss, that i just kind of cut that added stress from my routine. either way, i return loaded with stories of adventures, mishaps, and trials of my devotion to studying abroad.

let's start with venice. venice was effing cool. canals, cute boys, great monuments and museums. rain, shine, yoko ono and sean lennon mixed with fabulous modern art. i fell in love with our waiter at the hotel, and we had a room with a view; i.e. the only room in the whole hotel that had a balcony.

we started off in padua where we got to see the arena chapel with basically really incredible frescoes by giotto, that had the richest blue ceilings i've ever seen. we also visited a fabulous cathedral, where we dipped in the escape from the rain.
here's a picture of the piazza with the great donatello equestrian statue:

getting to venice was a relief, since we were tired and wet from th traghetto (water taxi) ride over, and dinner was great because there was wine paid for by acm. we got a little rowdy that night, hitting up bars, getting lost in the rain, and splashing through puddles, but the over all excitement of being in venice never got old.

these are from the first bar we visited:

after our crazy night, we had an early 8:30 breakfast, and a lecture outside of santa maria della salute, a baroque church i studied with my art history class last year. it was a really chilly rainy morning, so we had the lecture from the traghetto stop (basically a room floating on the edge of the main canal).

we walked from site to site, visiting a palace or two, as well as some museums, but my memory is a bit foggy from all of the sites we saw. i basically walked around taking pictures.

here's a picture of noah, ian, and in a very memorable alley in venice:

we went to a ton of piazza's, but i'd say the best one was st. mark's square because it was a terrific mix of architecture and everyone loves big beautiful buildings, especially me.

um these are the tetrachs and we studied them in art history and there's nothing quite like seeing this stuff in the flesh. so so so good. so good.

basically venice was and is beautiful. go there before it sinks away. see art. have fun. ride in a gondola for 50 centisimi as a short cut to your hotel. and windowshop.

hey people reading this, write me. i want to hear what everyone else has been up to.

sandy guttman
c/o linguaviva scuola d'italiano
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happy jewish new year by the way. mariel, abbie, and i went to the synagogue for high holiday services on monday night, we dropped breadcrumbs into the arno yesterday near santa croce, and we had apples and honey every day this week. :)