19 January 2008

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Sorry for going m.i.a. on you all, but here I am, busy as a bee listening to Blossom Dearie on vinyl, and thinking about all the work I should be doing, but instead, writing on here to tell you that, yes, I am alive and kicking. Getting back into the swing of things here at school was totally slow and weird and now I'm in the swing, so sorry for the delay. I'm in two intense art history classes and a pretty sweet atmosphere and weather course, which has basically taught me how to read clouds, in quite a good way. Art history couldn't be going better. I had a meeting with Greg Gilbert the department head, and he's all excited about me declaring as an art history major, and he's going to help wean me into some sweet internships both during and after my Knox career that should help me with curatorial and museum job opportunities after college, so yes, all in all, good meeting. I also had meetings with Betsy Dorris and Penny Gold to turn my study abroad recommendation forms into them, and I came out of the meeting with Penny pretty confident in pulling a religious studies minor, balanced with an environmental studies minor and the art history major. I'm excited and figuring things out, and in two weeks all of my study abroad papers will be turned in, and if all pans out, I'll be in Florence for four months studying art and architecture. Envy me.

Anyways, things in the sweet are going well, and there's all sorts of buzz with my extracurriculars. I'm going to have two radio shows this term, so I'll keep you all posted on it, and hopefully you all will be able to listen! I'm also hoping to get more involved with WVKC to figure out how the station is run and to hopefully work towards getting better entertainers brought to our campus. K.A.R.E.S. is going well I assume, though I haven't been to a meeting this term. Hillel is also going well, and I'm hosting our bagel brunch bright and early tomorrow, and iFair is coming up next weekend, so it's going to be a blast doing the Israel table. Lastly in all of my big news, I got hired to be a Knox Blogger, which essentially means I do this for the admissions department. How cool. I start blogging on Knox's website next week, which is totally rad.

I'll start posting more, and putting my pictures up.
It's really cold out, stay warm.

Let's hang out more.

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