19 November 2008

Oh Champs-Élysées

okay okay, things have settled down here. i went to paris last weekend, and guess what... I DIDN'T LOSE ANYTHING. my life is already back on track!! paris was completely out of this world amazing. take new york city, make everyone speak fluent french, and put the eiffel tower there instead of the statue of liberty, and you basically have paris.

i did:
the louvre
the musee d'orsay
the champs - elysees
the eiffel tower
the pere lachaise cemetery (where jim morrison is buried)
sacre couer
notre dame
arc de triomphe
saw sigur ros in concert [!!!!!!!!!!]
indian food
tibetan food
japanese food [twice]
averaged two crepes a day
and bought a piece of chocolate that was 4.20

everyone there is fabulous and dresses extremely well. let's take a note from the french and be less lazy.

open-air market

the pere lachaise cemetery

my favorite bowls in the world

notre dame from the seine

candles in notre dame

inside notre dame

winged sculpture [louvre]

people taking pictures of mona lisa [louvre]

assyrian art from intro classes [louvre]

medici cycle by rubens [louvre]

spiral stairs [louvre]

me in the pyramid [louvre]

arc de triomphe

view from the fifth story balcony [musee d'orsay]

immortal naploeon sculpture by rude [musee d'orsay]

view of paris [sacre couer]

the park from "amelie" and sacre couer

walking to the eiffel tower

eiffel tower at night


  1. i want to go to paris! i am so jealous! i am so happy you are happy again! :) :)

  2. the eiffel tower looks better than i had imagined.
    i'm so glad i recognize some of that art work; art history paid off!
    (hello assyrian sculptures/reliefs!)

  3. i've been to most of those places, but they look 12x more fun with you