19 December 2007

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"Designers, please take your stations." - Dad being Tim Gunn

So the question isn't "What did you do on Friday December, 14 2007?"
it's more "What didn't you do on Friday December, 14 2007?"

You wouldn't believe how much you can do in 25 hours running on only 4 hours of sleep from the night before. Kathy and I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to the sound of my father's voice pretending to be Tim Gunn. We got McDonald's at the airport, and sat at the front of the plane with annoying couples. NYC was snowcapped as we flew over it. It was really breathtaking. We wound up getting lost in Harlem on the way to NYU and when we did finally get to Union Park we wound up killing time waiting for Esther, by spending and hour in Cosi, and an additional hour in Bed Bath and Beyond, pushing our things around in a cart (p.s. no photographs in BBB just in case you wanted to go in there to do a photoshoot). We got into Esther's dorm and vegetated for a bit until she had to go to dinner with her parents and so we hung out with Damon and went to The MoMA to see some really big scultures and some really interesting installations. After the MoMA Damon got himself some tasty street meat, which was then proceeded by going to Bryant Park (FASHION WEEK!!!) and watching ice skaters swivel and sway which was absolutely magical and a cold 45 minutes well spent. After that, we met some guy named Jack for pizza and cream puffs, and then wound up walking around
until it was time to meet up with Esther and Amalia to go out. Esther's friends are total characters which meant we had a very interesting night out in Brooklyn, and James Murphy djing at Studio B was the bomb. I lost protecting Kathy in clubs from boys and lesbians. Some drama went down, it was cold, and we wound up laying on couches in the basement of an old dorm until we were reunited with Esther and we slept for a whole day.


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  1. wasn't december 14 last weekend? was i in chicago then? did that really happen?

    i'm so glad that did happen, though, because i feel very full of winter already. i'm going to be double-checking my addresses before i leave for AAAASIA next saturday.