19 February 2009

my kind of town, chicago is

currently listening to: the sound of my photo professor putting cords away
currently reading: adam langer [crossing california]

well hello hello hello there

i'm sitting in digital photography stoked that my weekend starts in um
9 minutes. yeah be jealous. mari is currently driving from grinnell, iowa
to come get me, my laundry, and my books on roy lichtenstein, and i am
editing a sweet picture of gummyhenge to send to abby pardick to make
her love me.

tonight we're going to a macaroni and cheese cook off with the winner of
top chef stephanie izard and let me just say that i am totally stoked/hungry
and really excited for this. plus we're doing family brunch sunday. oh and
we're finally going to open the bottle of wine that i bought wine tasting in
chianti, so that should be wonderful. other than that, no major plans.

maybe i'll go to the doctor so i don't have to be so sick all the time.

ooh and channel surfing. when is greta going to get here so we can watch
charmed already?

can we go get donuts this weekend? they don't have donuts or bamboloni in galesburg.

chicago style dog, yo

happy chef, yo

hey kid, you're a champ

mi piace il museo!

17 February 2009

remember freshman year fall term?

currently listening to: live like you were dying [tim mcgraw]
currently reading: adam langer [crossing california]

take that multiply it by two and you have me. or something.
still no kathy or greta. still cold out. still lonesome. still
going through the motions. still continuing to do things even
though i don't really see the point. i'm going back home this
weekend. things just make more sense for me back in chicago.

peace k'nox.

p.s. i hate black and white digital photography. barf.

well hello there.


12 February 2009

beautiful face

currently listening to: the dodos [xmas mixtape for someone special]
currently reading: gabriel garcia marquez [one hundred years of solitude]

yesterday was alright. you know a little bit of art history. a lot of
soup. and i finally watched "mamma mia", thanks mom, it was way cute.
and i had abba in my head all day and night.

the basketball game against grinnell was fun, i guess.
jazz exam was like weird and easy.
photos from this weekend look lovely, i just hate having to slap words
across my images for my photo assignment. ew. words on pictures.

chez willy's, a play, and then sippin' with josh tonight.

v-day is around the corner, find a v quick.

today's outfit reminds me of ballerinas. and how i told gaby in france
that i was going to start dressing like one after being inspired by
degas. here goes.


bow mine from childhood, shirt thrifted, necklace thrifted/found object,
earrings gift from ex, dress american apparel, leggings american apparel,
flats h&m

11 February 2009

yellow butterflies

currently listening to: titus andronicus [the airing of grievances]
currently reading: gael garcia marquez [one hundred years of solitude]

chicago was super fantastic this weekend, and my stay has only solidified
my goal of studying there next fall rather than here at knox college.
sorry greg, but your classes aren't enough to keep me staying here.

let's see, i did more this weekend than i have since i've been back at knox.

i saw: maud, adolfo, clay, chris, reuven's twin, family, trevor, kentucky
i ate: greek food, cajun food, chinese food, diner food, and nuovo french
i went to: the art institute, the field museum, and both of my old houses
i got: a manicure and pedicure, new jeans, bras, undies, and lots of shirts
i am: a b cup (officially), way happier in chicago, over my summer crush

basically all i did was eat, sleep, play, live, see art, talk to family.
and it felt completely right. this whole 'living' thing seems pretty ideal.

i have lots of wonderful pictures that i'll try to get up later this week.

now for the fashionblogging that i told lexie i'd do.

cardigan j.crew, dress american apparel, leggings american apparel,
shirt lux, shoes h&m, necklace thrifted/found object, earrings gift from ex

08 February 2009


"hi. we're blink-182. this past week there've been a lot of questions about the current
status of the band, and we wanted you to hear it straight from us. to put it simply, we're
back. we mean, really back. picking up where we left off and then some. in the studio
writing and recording a new album. preparing to tour the world yet again. friendships
reformed. 17 years deep in our legacy..

summer 2009.

thanks and get ready."


p.s. the lineup for warped is amazing.


04 February 2009

oh who am i kidding?

ok i think i'm reinstating the ban on starbucks, but now stretching it to sparks, and knives.
so i repeat: no sparks, knives, or starbucks. got it? got it. my favorite part of this whole
situation is when he answers the phone and has no idea who's on the other end of the line.

and oh spring fling
i only went out with you last night because i love wings and i had a taste for them. so don't
kid yourself, kid. you're a chump and you know it. maybe leaving this place isn't such a
silly idea, now is it?

and oh oh winter wonder
i love hanging out with you everyday, but i need some space now. because i think i'm realizing
that though i love you so much, that i don't love you like that. i love how you make me laugh
and i love that you share your apples with me, and that you always let me pick the music,
but i'm sorry, it's just not there. this whole "you and me thing" isn't happening.


i did complete my application for chicago. fingers crossed that i get in and that greg doesn't
hate my guts for leaving like he's been acting all along. if i get in, i'm going. i'll be at home for
six months straight, and i think that's what i need at this point in my life.

but last night was good because i listened to my don mcclean record and my buddy holly's
greatest hits record and i felt like part of something bigger than being in my room working
on stuff for midterms.

lexie, i really do miss blogging.
tasha, i'm happy we did dinner. can we do it again sometime?

okay now i have to go do jazz busywork, study for photo, write a gregpaper, and memorize slides

but i get to do this in two days

and this


and this


01 February 2009

mi piace blink 182.

as if last week wasn't crazy enough, this one's kicking into crazy mode as well.
hi i'm sandy i decided a little too late that i love studying off campus and that
i would love to spend my summer-winter in chicago studying art, living, being
with my family, etc. etc. etc. oh and now i'm paying for it with one week to apply
for a program i know i will not have trouble getting into. paperworkpaperwork.

note to self: don't go to keggers at yellow anymore. too many ridiculous things
happen. what the?

but last night was wonderful. kappa kooking in the basement of the dorm.
we made pasta with sundried tomato sauce, and had bread and olive oil, and
salad, and then a delicious chocolate mint cake. oh and red wine. with lots of
toasting. and adam came over and we laid in my beds laughing about my secrets
and listening to "okay" and talking about everything and nothing at once.

but seriously, this is my life. listening quiz. 10 edited photos due. midterm
midterm. paper. CHICAGO. art history field trip. dentist appt. dinner with
the fam this weekend everyday. sleeping in my own bed. shopping. i need
jeans. and victoria's secret. and barf day is right around the corner (feb. 14).

but things are alright here. and i'm going to italy in 5 weeks. and cuz martin
is going to be in rome. we should play beer pong. and i'm going to finally
buy my boots (if they're still there, right chris?).

remember that time we played in the forum instead of listening to gail?